becomingajourneymanBecoming A Journeyman

As the demands of the new world of work change, and as companies increasingly want their potential recruits to showcase X-factors for success in addition to, or over and above, their qualifications, so the traditional curriculum vitae will become outmoded.

Creating a Talent Profile is a concept Nikki Bush & Graeme Codrington introduced in their best-selling book, Future-proof Your Child (Penguin, 2008). This presentation is a development of that concept to help anyone to showcase both who they are and what they can do in creative and innovative ways that will help potential employers to make better recruiting decisions.

Present yourself with confidence and in multimedia. Come and learn how to capture your learning, qualifications and experiences in a variety of ways that bring you to life to prospective employers, recruiters, clients and business partners.

This is a one-hour presentation by speaker and author Nikki Bush, that will help you to package yourself as a Brand of One. Suitable for anyone either entering or already in the workplace, whether employed or self-employed. Whether you are new to the world of work of have many years of experience, everyone today needs to keep the Talent Profile fresh and relevant to a world that is shifting beneath our feet.

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