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Teachers think they are one homogenous group – but are they? Parents do not see teachers in the same way. We have labels and descriptions for every teacher based on how we perceive them, on their strengths, talents, abilities, personalities and weaknesses.

In my book, Future-proof Your Child (Penguin, 2008), the final chapter suggests the active development of Brand Family. We urge parents to ask their children to describe them in just three words – for some a scary thought! When a family leaves a Sunday braai, the words we used to describe them when they have gone describe their family brand.

So, what is your unique brand? Do you perceive yourself as just a ‘lowly teacher’, or are you something special and unique?

We will explore this topic in the form of a conversation café, utilizing aspects of The Mirror Game©, to discover whether you are a ‘no-name brand’ – Brand Teacher, or something much more. You may be quite surprised at what you discover as you start your journey towards Brand You.

Objectives of the two-hour Brand Teacher workshop

  1. Introduce the concept of branding and the importance of developing a personal brand in today’s context.
  2. Identify a teacher’s target audiences.
  3. Create an understanding of the competition they are up against, caused by the noise of technology and the clutter of consumerism.
  4. Understand how as brand is formed by taking them through some processes and games and discussing/workshopping various brands and aspects of branding.
  5. Helping teachers to answer a series of questions about themselves to lead them in the process of understanding their own brand, how they are perceived by their target audiences (learners, parents, colleagues).
  6. Encouraging them to find ways to bridge the perception gap – how they believe they are being perceived and how they would like to be perceived.
  7. Helping teachers to become more conscious of their brand and how to manage their brand in order to:
    • give them a starting point for building their brand in a fast-changing world
    • boost their self-esteem and confidence
    • give them more clarity and focus
    • generate more respect
    • help them to counter parental interference better
    • attract and hold the attention of their target audience
    • become memorable
    • celebrate their uniqueness


Hi Nikki, just want to say a huge thank you for your inspirational workshop today. The staff spoke about it the whole afternoon and are all so inspired to be memorable! I have been receiving sms’s all evening from my teachers saying thank you for getting you in and can we do it every term! You are doing such an awesome job. Thanks for being the blessing that you are.

Michelle McMnenamin, principal of Knights College Preparatory, Johannesburg (Jan 2013)

Nikki’s workshop really made me think about who I am and how I communicate that to the world! It is so important to give this all serious consideration! We all have great gifts and great vulnerabilities! A conscious evaluation of oneself and a commitment to being the authentic you, in the best way you can, was empowering and liberating! Nikki’s workshop was, as usual, fun, but it cut to the core and was incredibly thought provoking.

Patti Blackhurst (Head Junior Prep), St Peter’s Girls School, Johannesburg (Jan 2013)

Many thanks for once again sharing your experiences with the staff of Montrose Primary. What an inspriing way to start the year, and most thought provoking. Your knowledge and expertise never ceases to amaze me.

Sylvia Buschberger, principal, Montrose Primary, Johannesburg

The teaching and administration staff members at Brescia House School were delighted to have Nikki Bush spend a morning with them for the presentation of her Brand Teacher workshop. Nikki has presented workshop topics to the Primary School parents on several occasions so it was certainly a treat for the ladies and gentlemen who work at Brescia House School, in both the Primary and the High School, to also have the opportunity to listen to Nikki. Nikki goes about her workshops with creative enthusiasm and it was wonderful to witness the spirit of friendship that filled the hall as Nikki encouraged her audience to celebrate their uniqueness within the Brescia House community and to realise that each of them also takes something of value into the community outside of Brescia House School.

Christine Booyse (Intermediate Phase Co-ordinator), Brescia House School, Johannesburg (Jan 2013)

Thank you so much for coming back to Beaulieu Preparatory School, it is always a pleasure to listen to you. Nikki Bush presented her workshop “Brand Teacher” to our full staff this week. It is an inspiring, worthwhile two hour workshop which gets each staff member to look at their unique qualities, “their brand” despite the perceptions of the parent body! We are an incredible bunch of people who often give a great deal more than we receive……………. It is time we branded ourselves! Thanks Nikki.

Debbie Waldron, Deputy Head, Beaulieu Preparatory, Johannesburg (Oct 2012)

Thank you for your fabulous presentation on Friday afternoon. I believe that your Brand Teacher? workshop has already had a positive effect on the staff who attended. I have even heard two people mention the phrase ‘go to’ this morning! [Being a ‘go to person’ is part of personal branding]. Nikki’s top qualities: personable, high integrity, creative.

Dee Davis, Marketing Manager, St Peters College, Johannesburg


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