Talent Whisperer, Nikki Bush, plays in the space between young talent and their line managers.

The questions, ‘Why are you here and how can I help you to get to where you are going?’ are fundamental to the success of both parties. Nikki provides interventions from keynote presentations to workshops and one-on-one coaching to help businesses to win with talent.

Nikki’s interactive and playful presentation style lends itself to highly effective team-building sessions across age, gender, race, talent and seniority to break down barriers and foster human connection, trust and engagement.

With work-life balance being a constant challenge in the workplace, Nikki offers support to working parents helping them to stay connected to their children and future-proof them, despite their busyness.


Living on the Edge of the Map (for managers)
Building a Talent Profile (for young talent)
Whispers for Young Talent (for young talent)
The X-Factor is You (for school-going talent)


How can I help you? A coaching exercise for managers
& young talent


Tips for Talent Management
Whispers for Young Talent


Future-proof Your Child
Tech-Savvy Parenting


Parenting on the Run


Nikki’s Notes – 30s video ‘bites’ for corporate intranets
NikkiBush.tv – 8 minute videos for corporate intranets


Parenting courses
Parenting tips & advice

  • I thoroughly enjoyed your workshop at St Peter’s last week. I have two boys aged 8 and 6 and a new addition of a little girl aged 12 weeks. My boys have loved playing games in the car on the way to and from school, it gives me some special time with them before their baby sister demands to be fed. Thanks very much.

    Lisa Osborne
  • You are truly extraordinary. Love your work. You are a visionary.

    Ange Ramsamy
  • “Working in partnership with Nikki added real value to our Positive Steps campaign for Lipton Ice Tea. Nikki brought real credibility to the parenting message that were were trying to get involved in and gave legitimacy to our brand’s involvement. Nikki also came with a following, so if targeting parents, she amplifies your audience. Overall she was a strong addition to our campaign. As for the talks themselves and the content, Nikki captivated our audience with her engaging and entertaining style, coupled with her depth of knowledge and confidence. The take-home value for parents was enormous.”

    Stewart Jones GM Lipton Ice Tea, Unilever.
  • I’ve always believed that parenting is an ever evolving process and not an event. Thanks for always walking the journey with us, Nikki.

    Thabo Dhlamini
  • It’s so nice to have some new ideas to take home and do with the children.

    Annie Whitfield
  • Thank you for spreading this very important message. We were honoured to have you.

    Midstream College Midrand
  • Wow, this is the second time I have listened to this talk and I’m just blown away each time! I think so much of what you said just really has hit home. It has been so informative, we’ve all experienced this hectic pace of life and we’ve all witnessed our children becoming more and more immersed in TV, computers, iPods, you name it. One of the biggest messages that came across is that as parents it is our duty, our responsibility to actually spend time with our beautiful, precious children who have been given to us. They’re a gift, cherish them, spend time with them, don’t hand them over to technology and consumerism. Just love them. They are tiny for such a short time. So please, enjoy your children, spend time with them, there’s nothing more you can give to them than your time and your love. Nikki thank you so much for reminding us of that, it was so valuable. You’re an amazing woman, thank you so much

    Irene Ilsley HOD, Kingsmead,
  • I now realise why you are a sought-after speaker – you are quality, polished and authentic. Thanks for a wow experience. Of course, having a 6-year-old, your talk really resonated with me.

    Jacques de Villiers The Business Generator (10 August 2012)
  • Nikki Bush was our keynote speaker at our Clamber Club conference in March 2012. All I can say is WOW! What a speaker. Professional, relevant, entertaining and thought provoking.The most valuable aspect of her presentation to Clamber Club was that she had researched our company’s needs and the workshop was geared completely with our conference theme and direction in mind. So often one has speakers that present a topic with no reference to the company they are presenting to. Nikki really got to the core issues and her intrinsic knowledge and expertise was awe inspiring. Thank you Nikki, I would highly recommend you!

    Liz Senior Clamber Club Head Office (March 2012)
  • I was reminded about our car games this morning when I read your Nelson Mandela quote encouraging hysterical laughter. Well, we had plenty of that today en route to school when we played the customs official game .The 6 year old was creating a wackier and wackier list of what was allowed in and what wasn’t. My older daughter & I eventually admitted defeat and asked what was her criteria. She then told us she had forgotten, at which stage we all erupted into hysterical laughter. I haven’t had so much fun in 1 day in a long time. You should rename your talks Laughter Therapy! Take care and thanks for being such as inspiration.

    Ireti Samuel-Ogbu Director, GTS Head, South Africa Citigroup, Parenting on the Run, Kingsmead SchooL, 7 November 2007
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