Collaborating with Talent Workshop

Collaboration is the new watchword in organisational effectiveness. It brings a new meaning to ‘together we can do more’.

Millennials (20 – 35 year olds) collaborate naturally, it is one of the traits that defines the digital native generation. Older generations tend to hold back, keeping their secret recipes for success to themselves. They are empire builders – a way of being that may have served them in the past but in a fast-changing, disruptive world, this may not be the quickest way to find solutions and succeed.collaboratingwithtalentworkshop

Millennials on the other hand, due to their proficiency in the digital world, often need lessons in how to connect in the real world, with real people, when no screens are at hand. They need reminding that behind every screen is a human being. While technology makes new things possible, people make new things happen.

Collaboration achieves greater results when there is trust and connection between people. Sometimes our busyness and inability to be full present get in the way of real connection. Sometimes our age differences become barriers. Sometimes technology stands in our way too, or just plain old stress that accompanies the demand to perform. Sometimes we don’t notice each other, we are not listening or paying attention. When we lose sight of each other’s humanness, we trip ourselves up.

All of these things can undermine a team’s ability to be effective and succeed. Nikki Bush’s Collaborating with Talent Workshop provides MindJolts™ and processes to break down the barriers between line managers or team leaders and their teams. They get to experience genuine human connection, rediscovering, and gaining insights about, each other.

Discover the difference between coercion and collaboration. That it is possible for everyone to win, advancing the goals of the team and the success of each individual in the process. And that it is in bringing everyone’s uniqueness or point of difference to the table to tackle a common challenge/goal that is the strength of the team, combined with mutual respect regardless of age and position.

This playful approach to collaboration will stretch your team, break down barriers between managers and their young talent, build mutual respect and understanding, and build bridges to collaboration and better communication. Everyone will discover how they are intrinsically part of building each other’s Talent Profiles.

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