Here are the answers to your child’s awkward questions


Written for children between the ages of 8 and 13 in an easy question and answer format, with delightful illustrations to add a fun element, it will double as an invaluable guide for parents so that they can answer their children’s questions candidly, with knowledge, sensitivity and humour.

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A South African bestseller now in its 3rd reprint.

Written by: Nikki Bush & Ilze van der Merwe

Published by: Metz Press

Publication date: June 2009

About the Authors


Ilze van der Merwe has two children, aged 27 and 29. She is an educational psychologist in private practice with a passion for families. She is a certified Demartini Method facilitator. Ilze is well-known for her popular parent workshop, How and When to Tell Your Children about the Birds and the Bees as well as Powerful Parent Powerful Child among others. She is a director of Bella Vida Centre in Johannesburg.

Nikki Bush has two children aged 19 and 15. She is a creative parenting expert, inspirational speaker and author on child and parent development issues and is passionate about helping parents connect with their children. She is highly regarded among parents and educators alike and is well-known for her many dynamic presentations including Future-proof Your Child©, Parenting on the Run©, Connecting through the Noise & Clutter© and more.


  • A wonderful book that demystifies the process of growing up – a must for all little people in the process of becoming big people

    Lynne Cawood Director, Childline Gauteng
  • Childline South Africa endorses this valuable book. Children need clear and practical information to help them develop responsible attitudes to their bodies, relationships and sexual behaviour. Ignorance about adolescence and sexuality creates vulnerability to abuse and exploitation, as well as contributing to low self-esteem and poor self-management. We applaud the simple way in which questions are asked and responded to in this book.

    Joan van Niekerk Manager: National Advocacy & Training, Childline South Africa
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