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If your company is rethinking the talent conversation, or thinking about how you think about the attraction, development and retention of young talent, specifically, then this interactive and insightful presentation package by Raymond de Villiers and Nikki Bush is the right place to start.

Perfect for small to medium sized groups from 20 – 50 people, the presenters will address the pain and the gain that comes with employing Millennials between the ages of 20 and 35. They will open the door to thinking about how to journey differently with young people in order to get the best out of them. And they will touch on some of the drivers of change which are shifting the talent conversations in the human resources and human capital space.

This presentation addresses the why. The need to think differently in order to survive and thrive as organisations in a changing world of work. It is not designed to provide company-specific solutions but rather to shake up the conversation and shift perspective.

The package consists of two parts:

  • 1.Rethinking the Talent Conversation interactive workshop
  • 2.Talent Redefined keynote presentation

Talent Redefined unpacks new look talent requirements beyond the qualification and CV. The audience will be invited to do self-tests throughout the presentation, discovering their individual score on the Redefined Talent Scorecard. They can use this to shape their recruitment and interaction with talent of all ages, and at every level of their organisation, as well as their own talent journey.

This package is a precursor to an organisation assessing their needs in this new space and rolling out interventions to improve the attraction, development and retention of high performing young talent moving forward.

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