Creative parenting expert, Nikki Bush, spends a lot of her time in the education space interacting with teachers, learners and parents alike.

She works in school settings in the following ways:

  • Presenting to learners during school hours and at Valedictions and award evenings.
  • Speaking at staff development conferences and workshops
  • Is a sought after speaker at regional and national education conferences and seminars
  • Educates and inspires parents at parent-teacher functions, coffee mornings and other school events
  • Provides written, audio and video resources

Nikki builds bridges of understanding between parents, teachers and learners helping them to makes sense of a fast-changing world and to connect better.  She has a passion for building strong families as the fundamental foundation of society.

Nikki’s engaging, interactive and playful presentation style lends itself to memorable and life-changing experiences.r’s conference at Play-With-A-Purpose.


  • Dear Nikki, Thank you for sharing your expertise at our school’s Empowered Parenting Seminar. Your talk about Parenting on the Run was engaging, interactive and so relevant for today’s parents who are faced with so many difficult challenges. We appreciate your thoughtfulness in crafting a presentation that related so well with the parents of our school. We also appreciate your approachability and professionalism. We have received only great reviews and feedback from the parents and teachers about the Parenting on the Run talk. The parents left the seminar feeling energised and empowered to apply all the practical ideas they received about connecting authentically with their children. Thank you again for ending our parent seminar on such a high note. We hope to work with you in the future!

    Jabu Nkosi Deputy Principal, Woodbridge Primary School, Cape Town, South Africa
  • “They say that all good things come to those who wait, and whilst we have done so, we have been truly blessed as the Penzance Family in having you share your expertise and wealth of knowledge with us. Thank you Nikki.”

    Colin Madgin Principle, Penzance
  • Thank you for an amazing morning. It was very special to have you as a keynote speaker for our preschool teacher’s conference at Play-With-A-Purpose. I especially appreciate the manner in which you were able to simplify your talk without diluting the content. In this way you were very effective in making complex information accessible to everyone present.  I was also thoroughly impressed how you made such a serious topic so much fun with the games you played with the audience. We really appreciate all you do for us as we work at making a better future for our country.  Once  again many thanks

    Robyn Wienand founder, Play-With-A-Purpose, South Africa

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