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TECH-SAVVY PARENTING brings together the experience, research, observations and advice of respected parenting expert Nikki Bush, and leading technology commentator Arthur Goldstuck. This insightful duo will help you get a handle on what’s happening in the digital space to ensure your children are safe and savvy in this fast-changing world. They’ll guide you through the terminology, dangers and opportunities of technology, while placing children’s use of all things digital firmly in the context of the relationship between parents and their children.

For families to remain connected, both online and offline, and for young people to develop into responsible digital citizens, parents must bridge the digital divide to their children by understanding the attraction of social media and technology, how communication is changing, and how technology is changing the world. This book is filled with practical advice that will help you to navigate the digital space, together with your children, with greater confidence.

Nikki Bush and Arthur Goldstuck take you on a journey from the biggest screens in your child’s life to the smallest: from the passive entertainment of the television to the interactive nature of gaming and Internet-linked computers, to the realm of social networking – often accessed via a smartphone. Whether you have a baby or a teenager, this book is for you!


Tech-Savvy Parenting will appeal to parents and teachers who are:

  • needing to make sense of a daunting digital world
  • wondering how to keep children safe in a digital world
  • wanting to understand the strong attraction between kids, technology and social media
  • worried about the dangers of the digital world
  • wanting to help young people become tech-savvy and responsible users of media
  • attempting to bridge the digital divide


Aki-Anastasiou2As the Internet turns 25 this year, there is no doubt that this complex mesh of connectivity has changed humankind forever. The Internet has broken down barriers faster than any other communications medium in the history of civilisation, and it is symbolically significant that, in the same year the World Wide Web was born, the Berlin Wall came crashing down. In the ensuing decades, dictatorships tumbled and we saw despots being overthrown thanks to the power of connectivity in ordinary peoples’ hands.

At the same time, the Internet, coupled with technological innovation, has seen massive advances in the power of computing. These giant strides have made telecommunications accessible to billions. The miniaturisation of computers has enabled mobility and there is some kind of connectivity on every corner of the planet.

Prices of computers and mobile phones have plummeted in the last decade and this has accelerated ownership of high-tech devices among those who previously could not afford them. That would be most of us. And, of course, these devices have also found their way into the hands of our children …

For the first time in history, children are using the same technology as their parents and they know how to use it better, although not necessarily responsibly. They have the same access to the world as we do. In fact, we are the first generation of parents that will never keep up with the prevailing technology and finds itself constantly on the back foot, playing catch-up and desperately trying to understand the wired generation that is our children.

This is why this book is so important.

Tech-savvy Parenting connects parenting and technology in an accessible way to assist understandably anxious parents, some of whom are suffering from a severe case of technophobia, as well as those who have decided to throw up their hands in surrender and allow their children to do what they like in the digital world.

Nikki Bush and Arthur Goldstuck take you on a journey from the biggest screens in your child’s life to the smallest: from the passive entertainment of the television to the interactive nature of gaming and Internet-linked computers, to the realm of social networking – often accessed via a smartphone.

As parents themselves, Nikki and Arthur share their wisdom, insights, personal anecdotes and practical advice to help you make sense of this new high-tech normal that is making an impact on our children’s development and the way we need to parent them. It is a much-needed guide from two people walking the same journey as you, that provides context and perspective.

It is reassuring to know that all is not lost – that parents really do still have a vital role to play in their children’s lives, that we don’t have to throw the baby out with the bathwater, and that common sense still applies.

Aki Anastasiou

Johannesburg, May 2014

Aki Anastasiou, aka The Greek Geek, hosts Technobyte on Talk Radio 702 and the television show Tech Busters on CNBC Africa. He also talks on disruptions and the impact that future technologies are going to have on the world. Follow him on Twitter on @AkiAnastasiou .

About the Authors

Nikki Bush

Nikki Bush

Nikki Bush is co-author of two bestselling books, Future-proof Your Child and Easy Answers to Awkward Questions, writes a weekly parenting column and is a regular radio and TV guest. She is the parenting expert for SABC3’s Expresso, the family expert for Longevity and is on the advisory team for Living & Loving.

Arthur Goldstuck

Arthur Goldstuck

Arthur Goldstuck publishes the online consumer technology magazine, and is author of 18 books, including South Africa’s best-selling information technology book yet, The Hitch-hiker’s Guide to the Internet. His weekly gadgets column is the most widely syndicated technology column in South Africa.

Endorsements for the Book

  • As our children become increasingly technically proficient and preoccupied, it is vital for adults, parents and teachers to be aware of the world they frequent! Tech-savvy Parenting is a comprehensive, practical and insightful guide to understanding the possibilities and perils of this world, how to make it safe for our children, and how to embrace the opportunities it presents.

    Keith Wilke College Head, HeronBridge College, Johannesburg
  • As respected authorities in their respective fields of parenting and technology I am thrilled that Nikki and Arthur have collaborated in offering their profound knowledge, experience and expertise. The need for assistance in navigating the minefield of our high-tech world with our children is paramount. The timing couldn’t be better. Tech-Savvy Parenting is an essential read that combines parenting and technology in a most unique and accessible way that will inform, guide and help you gain a balanced perspective. Nikki and Arthur tap into the essence of being a connected family member, both online and offline.

    Dorianne Cara Weil (Dr D) Clinical Psychologist
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