A journey of hope from collateral damage to collateral beauty

If you lost a loved one, would you be prepared for the process of wrapping up a life? Nikki Bush’s Six Minutes That Changed My Life talk will provide you with insights into her story, her approach to growth through trauma and loss, practical steps you need to take when someone passes, and her invaluable What If File document list.

Media personality, parenting speaker and best-selling author Nikki Bush, brutally lost her husband in late 2017 after intruders entered their home in the early hours of the morning. This is her story.

In this talk, Nikki shares her approach to the journey with grief – something we all experience every day in some form or another, whether you have lost a loved one, a marriage, a job, a fortune, a business or anything else.

Loss, grief and mourning are part of the human condition, but we regularly sweep them under the carpet all too quickly, with little exploration and self-discovery, despite the pain. In the process we give away all the learning, growth and possibilities that loss can bring.

Be inspired as Nikki opens a private door to some of the highlights and lowlights of her journey, thus far, that are reshaping who she is as she rebuilds her life and her family, moving on from tragedy. You will leave better prepared for potential loss of any kind including her very important practical advice on how to put your essential ‘What If File’ together.

Most of us are unprepared for this journey. Women, in particular, are under-prepared and suffer the additional indignity of becoming ‘invisible’ to the bureaucratic system that awaits, because of their gender.

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“Nikki, thank you for choosing to use your voice to help others in similar circumstances who can’t.” Graeme Richards, presenter, Expresso SABC3.

To kick off Women’s Month in 2018 I was invited to do a presentation about the six minutes that changed my life last year. To begin with, I wondered whether I could do it, as it is such a private matter at a time when I was, and still am, very raw. But I accepted it as part of my journey to healing and realised that I could help others to reframe loss as well as to practically prepare for loss, by opening a private door to my journey so far. In preparing for this daunting presentation, little did I know that my visual framework for loss would emerge. The Collateral Repair™ Journey, as I like to call it, is already making sense to others, helping them to deal with losses of any kind. We all need to be able to see the collateral beauty in the collateral damage of our lives so that we can heal and move forward. It was a very humbling moment and a privilege to share my story.

Thank you to Chas Everitt International and their amazing team not only for putting the event together, but for their respect and support for women.

Life After Tragedy – Interview with Nikki Bush on Expresso Morning Show

Testimonial 1 – Six Minutes That Changed My Life

Testimonial 2 – Six Minutes That Changed My Life

A few facts about Nikki:

  • Nikki Bush is one of South Africa’s busiest speakers and was awarded her CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) designation from the NSA (National Speakers Association) in the USA in 2016 (one of 600 in the world). At the time she was the 10th South African and 4th SA woman to be awarded the CSP.
  • She has co-authored 3 best-selling books and written four e-books.
  • She has been interviewed by, and has appeared in the media over 2 000 times in the past 13 years.
  • Prior to becoming a widow in 2017 she had been married to Simon for 26 years.
  • She is the mum of two boys, aged 18 and 23
  • She considers all her roles in life an incredible personal development adventure.


Nikki Bush is a very informative and knowledgeable speaker in her field of parenting. Definitely worth attending! I always take something away from her talks. Her latest talk is a raw journey into her personal life and shows incredible courage! Equal parts of sensitivity and strength. Highly recommended!

Belinda McDonald

A beautiful morning spent with Nikki Bush, a phenomenal woman, thank u for an insight into your journey and creating so much awareness. Stay blessed Nikki, you are an amazing woman.

Bhaviada Ghella

Nikki Bush my darling sister, thank you for the privilege of listening to you share your story on Saturday. In my eyes, you are my hero! I couldn’t be prouder. Your new talk, “6 MINUTES THAT CHANGED MY LIFE” is profoundly beautiful, Niks. Your vulnerability, complete honesty and your ability to see the collateral beauty through the collateral damage is mind-blowing. Through your own journey with grief, you are helping to heal and inspire others. I am deeply proud of you and I love you with all my heart.

Tammy Letcher