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As a conference speaker, Nikki Bush speaks to a wide variety of audiences from small businesses, to franchise networks, large corporates, at congresses, conferences and seminars. She is a seasoned main platform keynote presenter as well as a breakaway session presenter and interactive workshop facilitator. Nikki has a large following of her own as well as a high media profile, making her a draw card for your client’s event.





Nikki builds bridges of understanding between parents, teachers and learners helping them to connect better against the backdrop of a fast-changing world.
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Nikki helps parents build great relationships with their children while future proofing them to thrive in a fast changing world.
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Nikki helps businesses with challenges concerning young talent, while also helping parents in the workplace with work-life balance issues that impact on their productivity and performance.
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Here is a general introduction for Nikki. There is both a long an short version. She also has tailored introductions for specific talks. She will let you know if this is the case and forward the appropriate one to you accordingly.

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