This book is a reminder of why it is so important not to allow the overuse of screens to hijack the first 1000 days of a child’s life, while at the same time setting the scene for healthy assimilation of screens as a child develops so that they are prepared for an increasingly digital future.

Lynda Smith, CEO of BrainBoosters

As Managing Editor of Longevity Magazine, and a mother of two preteens, this is a book that I will be referring to time and again. In today’s digital age, our children are exposed to more mediums of communication than we ever were. Nikki Bush and Arthur Goldstuck provide readers with practical information that is valuable to both parent and child, as we navigate this ever-changing landscape together. Technology, understood and used correctly and safely, can be of great benefit, and can reaffirm the connection between our children and ourselves – both on- and offline

Kim Bell, Managing Editor, Longevity magazine

In a time when most publications relating to technology focus on the huge commercial successes of Facebook, Twitter and others, Nikki’s book asks and answers the important questions around the impact of technology and associated trends on our children. This is a critical view and an indispensable tool for the modern parent.

Mike Stopforth, CEO of Cerebra

As our children become increasingly technically proficient and preoccupied, it is vital for adults, parents and teachers to be aware of the world they frequent! Tech-savvy Parenting is a comprehensive, practical and insightful guide to understanding the possibilities and perils of this world, how to make it safe for our children, and how to embrace the opportunities it presents.

Keith Wilke, College Head, HeronBridge College, Johannesburg

In our world of such re-aligned and re-negotiated relationships – often mediated by technology – there has never been more potential or more threat for children to learn and connect, or to find themselves hurt and excluded. Unless parents empower themselves, they could find themselves helpless bystanders. That’s what this book provides: clear, sensible and informed empowerment.

Marc Falconer, Outgoing headmaster of King David High School, Linksfield and author of Notes From A Headmaster’s Desk: The Challenges of Education, Parenting and Teenagers