Nikki, your energy enters the room before you do. Your presence fills the room before you speak.

Peggy Brown, Chairperson, Coastal Principals Association, KZN

An outstanding presentation that had our parents riveted. Your insights combined with personal examples made it real for everyone. There were so many pearls of wisdom at every turn.

Ronnie Crawford, Support4Learning

AMAZING! There is not too much else to say about the way in which Nikki engages, captivates and keeps an audience’s attention. The Absa Model Risk team were fortunate enough to have Nikki kick off our recent two-day conference. What a start! There was a little skepticism about how she would get a team of introverts to ‘let go’. She showed the naysayers!

The team loved her energy, positivity very different method of delivery of a very serious topic. I cannot recommend Nikki highly enough if you are looking for a dynamic speaker that does things out-of-the-box!

Leonie Wernick, Model Governance and Control Manager

The energy was electric. The combination of boisterous and fast-paced activities to quieter more reflective ones in your session From Delivery to Impact, took us on a journey that bonded us and built trust, while helping us to look deeply within ourselves. You took us from the big picture to the personal, setting the tone for the rest of the year.

Dineo Sesoko, Journey Lead, Absa Voice & CRM, Channel Infrastructure and Change
WOW! This is a good start, to sum up Nikki Bush!
On the back of Nikki speaking the Absa Risk team, the Model Risk team invited her back to chat to our team directly. The theme, although the same basic principle, was tailor-made to suit the needs of the team. Nikki took the time to find out what our pain points were, where the most guidance was needed and what, specifically, the team wanted to get out of the presentation.
She has an amazing way of ‘making it real’. We are all in a similar boat – more or less – and Nikki’s insights, experiences and personal sharing helped all to connect to and find ways of acknowledging and dealing with the upside down world we find ourselves in today.
The follow-up coaching session (much smaller, less formal and more focused group) gave the attendees the opportunity to chat to Nikki on a more personal level and gain much-needed assurance that “it’s ok to feel the way you do”.
There was a definite sense of – ok, let’s do this! – after the initial presentation and certainly after the coaching session.
From all accounts, it was an absolute pleasure to have Nikki chat to us and I can highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for an energetic and very ‘real’ speaker! THANK YOU Nikki for sharing of yourself with the group!
Leonie Wernick, ABSA, Model Risk

Nikki brought such energy, context and humanity into our session. She is an incredible speaker who exudes empathy and authenticity. She inspired our team to reconnect and reframe. It was such a necessary session for us and she gave us all the gift of each other again

Veruschka De Wet, Head Credit IB&TS, Nedbank

In just a few hours with you we created a baseline strategy and were able to measure ourselves. You facilitated a thought-provoking Success Cube™ process for us that gave everyone agency in addition to the creative team bonding processes that helped us reconnect deeply with each other.”

Absa, Group Treasury Exco

Nikki, you blew us away with your presence. Your masterfully packaged, highly memorable soundbites have created a lasting ‘Nikki Effect’. You have set the bar very high for those speakers who come after you.”

Rachel Masuku, Director: Human Resources Webber Wentzel

Our parents were riveted during Nikki’s challenging Let Go and Let Grow presentation. You could have heard a pin drop. She spoke to the heart of our parents, giving them practical tools and insights to raise resourceful, resilient and independent children who will be able to create their own version of happiness and success one day. The feedback has been fantastic, and parents were inspired to take action.

She is a sane voice in a world full of confusing opinions and choices when it comes to parenting.

Ché Mckay, Head of School, Grayston Preparatory

Your Happy Juice staff development workshop enabled us to start the term as one staff, not just the teachers doing back to school, but everyone. You landed the message that the collective is important and everyone has a role to play, regardless of their job description.

Tony Reeler, Principal, Bishops Diocesan College

Your unique way of connecting with people by name, while you facilitate a session, is powerful. You make everyone feel seen and acknowledged. You ensured that people who are usually invisible on the staff became heroes in this workshop.

Tony Reeler, Principal, Bishops Diocesan College

Nikki, I have been reading your latest book, Future-proof Yourself, and it is absolutely incredible! I cannot explain how relevant and helpful the content has been for me as a new mother who is also going through a career change! Thank you so much.

Erin Naude

Your talk, Looking Back to Look Forward, resonated deeply with our staff and many commented how wonderful it was to hear you speak and how real and authentic your presentation was. Thank you for sharing your story and your practical reflection tools with us.

Alex Bouche, Director of Marketing, Kingsmead College
As always, you were brilliant and absolutely nailed the brief. The delegates loved your session.

We look forward to many more collaborations going forward.

Odette Francesconi, Director NewBridge College

Nikki, it was inspiring to listen to your experiences during your “Which jacket are you wearing now?” presentation for GE today. Thank you for being so vulnerable, sharing the lessons you have learnt along your journey and for celebrating the amazing GE women with us today!

Nikita Rosa, , Head of Human Resources, General Electric Africa

Nikki is always astute, insightful, practical, looking ahead and looking up

Lorraine Jenks, Global Speaker and Environmental Activist
Nikki, you absolutely hit the mark and time just flew. Thank you for weaving your story into ours. You acknowledged the emotion in the room and expertly channeled it in such a reassuring way. We felt guided, grounded, and strengthened. Thank you.
Judith Chamboko, Chief Compliance Officer, ABSA, RBB

I so enjoyed your Regaining Hope and Control presentation and I have only heard good comments from my colleagues who were part of it. We were all touched by your sincerity, openness and generosity in sharing your story. The passion and purpose with which you present your sessions is uplifting and empowering. I truly felt invigorated and inspired as a result. Thank you, again for such a meaningful session

James Cross, Preparatory Head, Oakhill School

“Staggeringly captivating. Deeply probing. Intense in your reflection. Altogether beautiful. Thank you for opening a window in your soul for all of us to be touched by the rays of your life’s experience. No-one can remain untouched who reads the revealing of your healing. Much love to you.”

Angelique du Toit, Speaker and Author

You way exceeded our expectations and to have 390 colleagues engaged and interacting on Workplace for an hour and a half without a drop in attendance is testimony to your valuable content and your engaging presentation style. There was something for everyone in this talk.

Tarryn Opie, HR Business Partner, Absa Group

Nikki Bush moves through her own life with an astounding level of self-awareness and honesty with herself. An incredible student of life, she makes a phenomenal teacher who shares with authenticity and experience providing powerful insights and practical handles to help individuals and teams to thrive at work and life.

Colin Hall, Leadership expert, facilitator at Learn to Lead and former Chairman of Wooltru

We are truly grateful to you for your time and kindness in sharing your story with us. We are in awe of your bravery, strength and resilience, and salute you with gratitude.”

Glynne Wolman, The Angel Network 2019

“Nikki is a gifted communicator whose knowledge of children and their developmental and educational needs is presented in an informative and creative way that is easily accessible to both parents and teachers. Nikki not only informs but also equips those she addresses or trains. Those attending are inspired to go out and make a difference to the lives of children by teaching and learning through play and by making education ‘fun’.”

Megan Helsby, Teacher Trainer

Nikki has an amazing talent for delivering powerful messages and ensuring her audience leaves feeling energise, positive and yet challenged. She is able to read the room and adapt to the needs of the group in the moment. I really appreciate how she takes the time to get to know her clients and customise her sessions. I highly recommend her.

Dylan Cavanagh, Principal of Broadacres Academy

I loved the way you helped our staff to get comfortable with the uncomfortable feeling of ‘not knowing what the future looks like’. You made everything so relatable and real. Your process work kept everyone 100% engaged and provided us with practical takeaway we can use personally and in our classrooms too.

Tammy Letcher, Deputy Principal of Broadacres Academy

This book is a reminder of why it is so important not to allow the overuse of screens to hijack the first 1000 days of a child’s life, while at the same time setting the scene for healthy assimilation of screens as a child develops so that they are prepared for an increasingly digital future.

Lynda Smith, CEO of BrainBoosters

As Managing Editor of Longevity Magazine, and a mother of two preteens, this is a book that I will be referring to time and again. In today’s digital age, our children are exposed to more mediums of communication than we ever were. Nikki Bush and Arthur Goldstuck provide readers with practical information that is valuable to both parent and child, as we navigate this ever-changing landscape together. Technology, understood and used correctly and safely, can be of great benefit, and can reaffirm the connection between our children and ourselves – both on- and offline

Kim Bell, Managing Editor, Longevity magazine

In a time when most publications relating to technology focus on the huge commercial successes of Facebook, Twitter and others, Nikki’s book asks and answers the important questions around the impact of technology and associated trends on our children. This is a critical view and an indispensable tool for the modern parent.

Mike Stopforth, CEO of Cerebra

Nikki is an excellent speaker and has the ability to make her audience feel connected to her. She is a pleasure to work with and was very accommodating of our needs. The webinars were highly inspiring, relatable and allowed the audience to reflect on important issues and aspects in their lives. The topics were perfect for our women’s day events and we received great feedback from our employees. She was the perfect way to celebrate our women during women’s’ month!

Natheera Noor Mohamed, Senior Human Resources Assistant, Amazon

“Many thanks for your exceptional talk last Saturday. You had our family friendly MBA group riveted and they took away so many important insights and practical ideas for how to raise resourceful, resilient and independent children with confidence. Thank you for inspiring us and giving us a valuable WHY. You are an important resource in our programme.“

Mamodise Mailula, Henley Engagements and Activations Leader

As our children become increasingly technically proficient and preoccupied, it is vital for adults, parents and teachers to be aware of the world they frequent! Tech-savvy Parenting is a comprehensive, practical and insightful guide to understanding the possibilities and perils of this world, how to make it safe for our children, and how to embrace the opportunities it presents.

Keith Wilke, College Head, HeronBridge College, Johannesburg

Brilliant! Your authentic message was spot on for our thrombosis conference of busy gynaecologists and obstetricians who deal with life and death situations all the time. You hit home for them both personally and professionally.

Marisca Botha, Product Manager, Sanofi South Africa

Nikki, thank you for always being current, relevant and practical.

Shereen Smith

Thank you Nikki for the incredible job you did at our leadership summit. As a business leader I have attended countless conferences over the years and I can honestly say that as a speaker and facilitator you are in a league of your own. Your ability to engage all 140 senior business leaders in the room for the full two days of our leadership summit was incredible. You did a fantastic job!

Seelan Gobalsamy, CEO, Omnia Holdings

Nikki, you are continuously reinventing, repurposing and repositioning your value proposition to deal with the current pain points in organisations. You have your finger on the pulse. Keep it up!

Francis Tsiri, Learning Operations and Technology, South African Reserve Bank Academy

Nikki, your insights are as enlightening as they are practical. Over the past decade, we’ve been inspired by how you distil complex wisdom into accessible advice. The tips you’ve shared are a great reminder that curiosity and personal storytelling are invaluable currencies in the workplace. Thank you for guiding both veterans and newcomers in the professional sphere. Your unique voice and perspective are truly what sets you apart. Keep owning it.

Jacqui Mol and Deborah Kirsten, Strongest Story

We would highly recommend Nikki Bush, Business Speaker for her outstanding presentations. Time and time again she delivers. Nikki provides new perspectives on old wisdom that helps our MD2MD members construct a different approach when dealing with their teams. Her top tips are always valuable & constructive which can be taken away and immediately implemented.

The MD2MD community exists to help business leaders and their businesses thrive in today’s fast changing world.


Nikki Bush was a breath of fresh air and exactly what we needed for our first in-person SAAHIP conference since Covid. She delivered a powerful keynote presentation that touched everyone in the audience, shifting us from our victim mindset to embracing the power of choice. Everyone found themselves in Nikki’s talk; it was as if it had been customised for every person in the room! She also nailed the brief by including interactive processes that brought the team together after being apart for so long. Nikki makes it okay to be human through all our challenges and our triumphs. I would highly recommend Nikki as a speaker for any event. She is a real professional taking the time to understand exactly what we needed, and she delivered in bucket loads.

Jacquie Fox, Clinical Pharmacist, Life Healthcare

Hi Nikki. Thanks so very much. Your webinar was so inspirational and from the feedback we can see that our members of Simplybiz (powered by Nedbank) loved it. As a business owner and parent, I was really inspired by your webinar for a variety of reasons – the world will never be the same again and I can’t control everything, so I will embrace the new possibilities and opportunities around me and use this to my advantage; there is more collateral beauty in my life than collateral damage, and I can find the surprise in every day and be grateful; and lastly, what I do and how I act now matters (especially in front of my children and staff) and this is the time for strong and decisive leadership.

Michela Gordon, Group Managing Director, Javelin Advertising & Marketing

Nikki Bush is a talented and courageous speaker who connects with any audience by inviting you into her emotional space and sharing her lived experience. She inspires one to immediately take stock and act or change the lens through which you view the world. I have enjoyed working with Nikki; she is professional, adaptable and tech savvy. She has definitely helped our staff win at work and life by making tough topics accessible. These have included critical conversations from reframing disruption due to business acquisiton, managing grief and loss through the global pandemic, to being proactive about prostate cancer, and women’s empowerment. Nikki has the gift of making every topic she addresses so relatable.

Leanne Charles, L&D Manager Distell

From Delivery to Impact was a great interactive session that reminded us of how important our connection with our team members really is. When we work together and serve each other we have more impact. You gave us lessons we can pass on to our own teams.

Louisa Mokoena, Change Lead, Absa Voice & CRM, Channel Infrastructure and Change

Flourishing in the Face of Constant Change is a great follow on from Nikki’s powerful Reframing Disruption presentation that has helped so many. Flourishing takes us past the ‘new normal’ to a ‘different normal’ integrating all aspects of life. This talk is going to be a hit in 2022!

Leonie Wernick, Model Risk , ABSA

You helped us to achieve a sense of oneness across the staff. It was a big ask, but you did it with insight, sensitivity, creativity and the utmost professionalism.

Rev Monwabisi Peter, Chaplain, Bishops Diocesan College

You did this wacky stuff, then you helped us to connect the dots bringing incredible energy and life into the room. You took 150 people on an inclusive journey of engagement.

Peter Westwood, Deputy Principal, Bishops Diocesan College

I love your ability to connect to staff from so many different areas of the school using a common language through engaging processes. You helped us build bridges to each other in a very real, experiential way.

Christopher Ekron, Head of Sport Performance and Wellness, Bishops Diocesan College

Nikki presented a series of three workshops and coaching sessions to our staff over the last six months – to an incredible response. Nikki never makes you feel like just another client – her approach is bespoke to your needs. She is not only a great presenter (she leaves you feeling as though she is speaking directly to you), but is also extremely empathetic and compassionate- having made time even for an individual team member who needed assistance. Nikki also shows up with an honesty and vulnerability which enables her audience to connect immediately with her. I would highly recommend her.

Dharshini Padayachee, Transformation, Inclusion and Equality Lead and board member, RMB

We’ve had fantastic feedback about your presentation which ticked all the boxes for the business.  Being able to visually see and sense the shift in the audience through the anonymous polls during the presentation really drove home your message making it tangible and personal. We loved how your insights and practical tools were so well packaged in bite-size nuggets that were memorable without being overwhelming. The panel discussion you ran evoked so much that everyone could relate to in a very real way.  Thank you for shifting our perspective and belief that we can do this!

Christin Kennedy-Good, RSC HR Business Partner, KFC

Nikki’s high impact, interactive and deeply personal session was one of the most successful and memorable team workshops we’ve ever had. There was tangible joy, engagement, self-discovery and a real appreciation of, and respect for, the strengths each team member brings to the team. We can’t wait to work with Nikki again.

Lynne Preece, Head of Finance, Oppenheimer Generations

Your dynamic approach and understanding of what ‘disruption’ really looks like was amazing. Your presentation was so inspirational and gave us plenty of food for thought. Welcome to the SAALED family! We look forward to working with you again, and again.

Shirley Gray, Chairperson SAALED

Nikki, we love working with you! We favour the comfort of conviction, and you always have the ability to challenge our thinking and prepare us to squirm out of the discomfort of doubt. We appreciate you valuable contribution to our MDP and LDP programmes for school principals. Thank you for the work that you do inspiring educators and leaders to raise their game for a changing world.

Roger Collins, Principal, NewBridge College

Nikki, your presentation to our group of school heads within the Curro Group of schools was spot on. You helped us reframe disruption and see the unexpected possibilities and opportunities it brings, not forgetting the importance of self mastery and self-care in the process. Your ability to customise the entire presentation,  seamlessly incorporating everything I mentioned in my brief, was incredible. We really got your empathy and understanding for the stresses and challenges we contend with in education, specifically. Thank for adding value to my coaching and mentoring role for this group of leaders who are working at the cutting edge of hybrid education today.

Jopie Maasdam, Managing Director at JM Educational Consulting

Hi Nikki, I just wanted to say thank you. I told my Dad around 2 years ago about your ‘what if’ file. He asked me to send it to him and I didn’t hear him speak of it again. He passed away this year in January to an unexpected heart attack. When we looked for his file, everything was there right down to how to work the calculator (for my mom). Everything was colour coded and cross referenced. Thank you for making this hard time easier for our family.

Kirst Ravello rica

Nikki, your presentation at the PSASA Convention was so powerful and really touched my heart. Loved your rapport with the crowd and ability to address serious issues while making us laugh as well. You make it look easy. You make people learn and you move people into action. You’re marvellous!

Taryn-lee Kearney, Connection Cultivator

I could tell by the Heads’ faces, you have woven your magic again!”

Andrew Cook, Principal Mitchel House Preparatory School and convenor of the ISASA Heads Conference 2015

Nikki Bush is original. She teaches and leads from the heart and her work is her own distillation of the human condition. She connects the dots in unusual ways and makes complex ideas accessible to everyone. She is skilled at pitching her content and customizing it to whomever is in the room. Her warm, powerful delivery and interactive style makes for memorable learning and takeaway value that is useful immediately.

Eleanor Scott, CEO Coach
Nikki’s ‘What If™ talk was very real, very vulnerable and definitely added valuable lessons for women at Momentum today as part of our #SheOwnsHerSuccess campaign. I am working on my What If™ file and would recommend Nikki for your next corporate event.
Anneline Cross, Service and Operations, Momentum

Nikki Bush is a passionate thought leader, advocate for child development and family and parenting expert. She doesn’t just contribute, she sets the narrative, being able to cut through the clutter no matter how complex. Nikki’s work is not theoretical – she always adds value by leaving practical frameworks and easy to implement ideas behind that touch both the head and the heart.

Kubeshini Govender, Chief Education Specialist: Special Projects, Western Cape Education Department

Nikki’s style is professional, relaxed and interactive and those attending her training sessions are invited to participate and learn through ‘doing’ as well as listening. Both her vast knowledge and expertise in the field of toys are also clearly demonstrated in her practical, hands-on training. Those attending are inspired to go out and make a difference to the lives of children by teaching and learning through play and by making education ‘fun’.”

Megan Helsby, Teacher Trainer

Thank you for taking so much care to tailor-make your Courageous Communication workshop for our teacher and intern programme. The regular check-in process and the framework you provided was invaluable and will form part of how we communicate and build relationships moving forward.

Kenda Melvill-Smith, Head St Peter’s Boys Preparatory

Your Courageous Communication Workshop has been absolutely mind blowing for all of us. Conversations that are difficult do not come naturally to people and you provided us with a simple framework with which to do it and it works!

Trish Atlee, Head of St Peter’s Girls Preparatory School

I just wanted to say Thank you for your What If™ File. I understand that this was prompted by your personal experience. My heart broke for you when I heard the news of your husband’s murder having followed your career for about 10 years. You have been an incredible mentor to our family with your approach to parenting and learning through play. My husband and I have literally JUST finished creating our What If™ file, a task that I have been avoiding. I am so very glad that I have finally tackled the job – it’s taken me a year to start!

Natalie Smith

In the 17 years I have attended this Heads conference, we have never had a better speaker. You connected with us deeply at every level and reconnected us with each other.

Kevin Hambridge, Chairman, Independent Schools Association of Botswana

In our world of such re-aligned and re-negotiated relationships – often mediated by technology – there has never been more potential or more threat for children to learn and connect, or to find themselves hurt and excluded. Unless parents empower themselves, they could find themselves helpless bystanders. That’s what this book provides: clear, sensible and informed empowerment.

Marc Falconer, Outgoing headmaster of King David High School, Linksfield and author of Notes From A Headmaster’s Desk: The Challenges of Education, Parenting and Teenagers

Thank you Nikki for the super Parenting on the Run workshop that you presented for our parents. It was upbeat, engaging and full of helpful tips for busy parents trying to find real opportunities to connect with their children. So lovely to be able to have a face to face event again. I highly recommend Nikki. She is a sane voice in a world full of confusing opinions and choices when it comes to parenting.

Gillian Boltman, Junior School Headmistress, Rodean School for Girls

Nikki Bush blew our gala dinner audience away and made us, Fresenius Kabi, as the event sponsor, look incredibly good. She was everything we expected and so much more. Delegates were engaged, riveted and emotionally moved by Nikki’s presentation. She has the gift of making you feel that she is speaking directly to you even if you are in an audience of a few hundred people. The Nikki Effect is a real thing! She can change your life when she weaves her magic whether from the stage or on radio or TV. It’s true that Nikki leaves an impact long after she has left the stage which is why I have been an avid follower of hers for many years. Reframing Disruption is a talk that every organisation and association needs to hear in these times of uncertainty. Empower your group by inviting Nikki to speak. You will thank me if you do!

Sheilla Mulisa (Booi) Mulaudzi, Product Manager IV Medicines at Fresenius Kabi

After experiencing Nikki’s presentation on “Reframing COVID-19 for you and your Family” I was immediately impressed with her ability to connect so deeply with the audience through a webinar platform. Her presentation was engaging, informative, inclusive, thought-provoking, funny, applicable and sincere in sharing her deepest vulnerabilities. We booked her for our own stakeholder event and the feedback Nikki’s talk was aligned to our business guiding principles of sincere engagement and putting people at the centre of everything we do, but I could not have anticipated how closely her work ethic was aligned to ours in terms of going the extra mile. Especially given the demands on her time for interviews and media time in her role as a highly regarded South African author and thought leader on human potential and parenting. She went above and beyond my expectations in supporting us to represent our business and brand in the best way possible. Nikki attended every planning meeting without being requested to do so, she attended the dry-run rehearsals and she spent time with my team after the event getting to know them and congratulating them on their launch. She unwittingly played a coaching role for the leaders who were themselves presenting, way outside of their comfort zone. I would highly recommend Nikki Bush as a valued partner for any organisation wanting to present themselves in a professional, impressive and sincere manner. –

Nadine Walsch, Chief Sales Officer Kaelo Simply Healthcare (Pty) Ltd

Having co-presented online workshops with Nikki over the past few months has taught me so much about presenting in the online space. Nikki is committed to delivering relevant, useful and up-to-date information in an engaging, and accessible way and does so with great energy and humour. Having presented a variety of sessions together, covering topics such as parenting and communication at home and in the workplace to the public and various corporates, has given me insight into how hard Nikki works to make it look easy. Her commitment to making a difference in the lives of others in inspiring. I would highly recommend Nikki’s range of presentations and talks.

Savannah Sefor, Transformational Coach for individuals and Teams

Nikki ran a powerful session called ‘ What Jacket Are You Wearing Now’, which explored the many ‘jackets’ we wear as women as we go about our day-to-day lives. Our most significant take away as the GE Women’s Network, was building resilience to navigate the various storms of life and building the support structures that enable us to perform optimally. Thank you for these insights, we look forward to our future engagement.

Nosizwe Dlengezele, Region Commercial Leader, SSA Gas Power Systems, General Electric

Thank so much to Nikki and Savannah for this amazing, amazing workshop! It really taught the interns and I something crucial, to be good listeners, the importance of listening carefully and of not being defensive. We now have empowered communication that we can grow from”

June Tromp, Head of the Intern Programme, St Peter’s Preparatory

Nikki has a way of getting the most out of people and maximizing their true potential through her presentations. It was a pleasure working with her.

Elizabeth Korban, Executive Operations Support, General Electric Power

As a financial advisor, part of my role is to assist clients to prepare for life’s inevitable crises. In a recent webinar to the Discovery sales force Nikki shared the tragic story of her husband’s passing and the resultant struggles she faced with the administration of his estate. As advisors, we get caught up in the technical issues pertaining to estate planning and forget the emotional and physical impact of losing a loved one. Nikki’s What If™ File highlights the importance of estate planning including maintaining a file with the relevant information to ensure the efficient and effective administration of the estate. Thank you for sharing your story Nikki.

Deon de Bruyn, Financial advisor to business owners and entrepreneurs