the experience of wrapping up a life

and so it begins

Broker Talk: What If ‘What If’™ Happens?

A first-hand account into the bureaucratic nightmare of wrapping up a life from a survivor’s perspective after Nikki Bush experienced a ‘what if’ moment when her husband was brutally murdered in their family home.

It’s a deep dive into customer service, or lack thereof, in the financial services, legal and utility sectors, the kind of documentation you should gather now to help you in the event of a loss, and the traps to look out for.

Nikki will share her personal timeline of dealing with her financial advisor, the executors and the various life insurance claims and pension payouts that had to be processed. It is also a sobering reminder about the importance of financial and estate planning and leaving you affairs in order. You will  receive a copy of her What If ™ File checklist to get you started.

Beyond memories, wrapping up a life eventually boils down to paper, policies and money. This is a view from someone who has been at the sharp end of traumatic loss that will help you be better prepared

Nikki Will share

  • Her timeline
  • How to be realistic about your expectations
  • A copy of her What If™ File checklist
  • The need to demand better customer service
  • The need for financial planning for cashflow in the event of a loss
  • Getting your head around executors fees and estate tax
  • The human emotion side of wrapping up a life
  • The importance of keeping track and the paper trail

This talk can be customised for:

  • Individuals who want to prepare themselves better to deal with a loss
  • Legal, financial and insurance service providers who want their teams to be more empathetic and offer better customer service and efficiency to clients who have experience a loss or a “what if” moment.

Thank you so much for being the closing speaker at the Joburg Secretaries Day Conference. Not many speakers have managed to keep our 200 conference delegates riveted to their seats when it’s the end of the day and we are running over time, and you got a standing ovation. Well done! We loved your new talk, What If ‘what if’ Happens. Your content is amazing and you are so brave and inspiring. It really is a talk that every South African needs to hear. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

Catarina Allison, KumaloGreen Organizers of the Joburg Secretaries Day Conference

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