There is nothing like a change of environment and pace to help one shift gears. For me, going to speak in the US at a parent seminar in North Carolina, and being a tourist in New York, was just what I needed to shift from the high revs of first gear (caused by trauma and grief) and to gear shift down to cruise in 4th and 5th again, which is far more comfortable.

Do yourselves a favour and make a point of purposefully taking both yourself, your families and your business colleagues to new/different environments where their senses can feast on new sights, smells and experiences. You get to experience yourself in a whole new way. For me it was important to see the world through a fresh set of eyes, alone without anyone from my daily inner circle, and not as someone’s wife, mother or daughter for a short while.

I came back breathing again, with more energy and vitality and with a fresh new perspective on my changing life. For me, everyday that I wake up I have to frame life as an adventure that is unfolding.