Back to school sanity saver #1


Getting the family back into a regular routine is the biggest sanity saver of all.  After being on holiday for so many weeks, children need to get back to normal going to bed and waking up times, meal and bath times.

While it has been fun to be a little more relaxed about these things for a few weeks, they make an enormous difference when it comes to getting your family back into ‘the zone’ and getting their minds ‘back on the job’ so to speak.

Routines create predictability for children, which in turn helps them to feel safe and secure. It is the same at school, where the day follows a predictable pattern, taking chaos out of the equation. Teachers can spot a child out of routine a mile away.

Believe it or not, this feeling of safety and security enables children to learn far easier as it lowers stress levels.  When a child feels stressed or anxious, it impacts on their brainwave patterns/frequency ratios.  When you look at an EEG of a child who is highly anxious or panicked, it looks like a birds nest – messy, jumbled and knotted up as opposed to free-flowing wave-forms which enable learning to take place far easier.

If you want to re-introduce a sense of calm and sanity in your home, and within your child, bring back routine and you won’t just see the difference, you will feel it too.