Back to school sanity saver #3


The beginning of the school year is a very expensive exercise:  books and stationery must be purchased and then the dreaded costly school uniforms which really don’t come cheap, especially if they have a school badge embroidered on them. What fitted a child at the end of the school year they could well have outgrown over the school holidays.

But that’s not all, as they infomercials say on TV. You won’t be a few days into the school term and your children will be asking you for little bits of cash here and there for things such as:

  • The class TLC fund (for purchasing the teacher’s birthday present or cards and gifts for classmates in hospital) R50.00+
  • Cake & candy sales R30+
  • Tuckshop money R25+
  • Charity donations R5+
  • A class party R30 – R50+, and so it goes on, and on, and on…………

None of us carry much cash around today and it is so easy to get caught with an empty purse/wallet when your children ask you for cash — which is usually just before they go to bed at night or, if they forget, as they are about to jump out of the car on arrival at school!

So, stash some cash (not a lot, but a mixture of different notes and coins) in a hidey-hole somewhere at home, or even in the the cubbyhole of your car. It will save you angst and an inconvenient trip to an ATM at strange hours.

But, do remember to replenish your stash from time-to-time, or you will be back to square one.


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