Be mission ready for a ‘What If ™’ call

Helping call centre operators be more human and responsive when a What Ifmoment strikes

Broker Talk: What If ‘What If’™ Happens?

Media personality, speaker and best-selling author, Nikki Bush has been at the sharp end of dealing with financial and legal service providers and call centre operators, after tragically losing her husband in a home invasion in late 2017. Her experience is symbolic of every traumatised client your operators will ever deal with, whether they are calling in to report a theft, accident, burst geyser, fire, flood, a death, an authorisation requirement and more. Any type of loss is really about inconvenience and disruption of life as it was.

By sharing her real, personal experience of loss and dealing with call centres, combined with interactive and engaging process work, this powerful combination will leave your team emotionally moved, practically inspired, and prepared to deal with any client experiencing a What If ™ moment with greater empathy and responsiveness. Nikki will help your team to aspire to being the good ‘book club story’ (depending on the group in the training session we can make this ‘church story’, ‘stokvel story’, ‘cycling team story’ etc). There is nothing like good or bad customer service experiences to get people talking. We also want call centre operators to feel like ‘they helped someone today’.

Call centre owners, managers and operators in any industry in which their

clients call through when a What If ™ moment strikes in their lives


  • cellphone contract terminations and transfers on death
  • insurance claims
  • funeral policies
  • car insurance
  • extended warranties
  • car accidents
  • burst geysers
  • lost credit cards
  • stolen cellphones
  • hospital authorisations
  • gap cover claims, and many more

Through her personal story and customer service experiences over the past few years, Nikki will share:

  • How loss and trauma impacted:
    • Her brain
    • Her body
    • Her brand
    • Her business
    • Her finances
  • Challenges she has faced legally, financially, and practically
  • How ‘what if’ moments come in many forms of loss and change (they will find ways to connect with this personally too)
  • Some good customer service experiences
  • Some bad good customer service experiences
  • Understanding traumatised clients (even the loss of a credit card or a cellphone) and why you need to change your response on the call

I was blown away by her courage and vulnerability, sharing her personal story. I can not recommend Nikki enough as a speaker who will motivate and inspire any audience. around really tough topics like grief, loss and growth.”

Madeleine Black, The Courage Cultivator

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