Bed Bugs Game gets the green light from Nikki Bush!

Hysterical family fun as you race to be the first player to use the tweezers to grab all your matching coloured bugs off the very bouncy, vibrating bed. It’s more difficult than you think! Each round you win, you score a point. The first person to get five points wins the game.

Excellent for exercising fine motor control and eye-hand co-ordination. Stimulates all the right muscles for the pincer grip/tripod grip for handwriting. For younger children, switch off the bed and it will be much easier for them to master the skill. Once they are proficient enough, switch the bed on but I suggest you start with fewer bugs or change the rules to be the first player to catch 5 bugs, not all of them. It’s also easier to play with two players instead of three. Just some ideas to make this game applicable to a wider age group.

Requires:  2 – 4 players

Age category: 6 – 10 yrs

Price (approx):  R199

Brand: Hasbro

Available in all major toy stores and online at