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Your Birth order gifts you with certain innate characteristics

Have you ever wondered whether your birth order impacts on who you are as a person, how you parent your own children, and how you operate in the world and show up at work? While it is not something that is commonly acknowledged, your birth position (first-, second- or third-born) comes with traits that play out significantly in the work place and at home.

Presented by seasoned transformational trainer, Savannah Sefor, Birth Order Insights will reveal your own aha moments that will explain a lot about you and others in your life, both at home and work. This session can be customised for a corporate setting too.

This session includes:

  • An easy-to-understand breakdown of each position in the birth order line up
  • Observations on how to handle birth order conflict
  • Birth order and it’s impact for parents and siblings
  • Birth order and it’s impact at work
  • What to watch out for
  • What to celebrate

If you’ve been thinking about some of these questions and more, come and find the answers:

  • Are first-borns will most likely be your strongest team leaders?
  • Are eldest children are more likely to be accountable and responsible people?
  • Do first-borns have a more authoritarian leadership style?
  • Who keeps teams cohesive?
  • Is middle-child syndrome a real thing?
  • Are third-borns more loyal employees?

“Thank you for so much insight.  Now I have some new perspective and understanding of myself as well as my family.”

“I found so much truth and things make sense now.”

“Who knew birth order could have such an impact on what happens at work. Thanks for the insights!”

Your passion for this work shines a light for me always.  I cannot express enough gratitude for every opportunity I get to learn from you.”

“Great session! Who knew one could experience so many aha moments in one short presentation that can help you make more sense of your life.”

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