• What is a "What If™" file?
    This short video explains what a "What If™" file is and why you may need one:
  • Future-proof Yourself

    R199.00 Including VAT
    Future-proof Yourself: how to win at work and life (self-development, psychology, business) Get a book signed by Nikki and a special bookmark when purchasing your book through this website. When things change dramatically, they rarely, if ever, go back to ‘normal'. Disruption demands that we let go of the past and step into a new way of being. Read the Foreword by Redi Tlhabi
  • Future-Proof Your Child

    R250.00 Including VAT
    Future-proof Your Child for the 2020s and Beyond is an invaluable guide for parents who wish to create realistic and relevant parenting goals that will set their children up to thrive, no matter what awaits them in the future. It is aimed at anyone involved in raising children primarily from birth to age twelve, including grandparents, educators, support teams and extended family. However, it remains an insightful handbook for those with teens too. Written by: Nikki Bush & Dr Graeme Codrington Published by: Penguin Publication Date: August 2019
  • Here are the answers to your child's awkward questions

    A South African bestseller now in its 11th reprint. Written by: Nikki Bush & Ilze van der Merwe Published by: Metz Press Publication date: June 2009
  • Ontwikkel maklike antwoorde op ongemaklike vrae met hierdie ouerskapwenke.

    PROMO OFFER: Get your copy of Maklike Antwoorde op Ongemaklike vrae and Receive your FREE download of Nikki’s newly launched Parenting Matters 2.0 'n Suid-Afrikaanse beste verkoper nou in sy 3de herdruk. Geskryf deur Nikki Bush en Ilze van der Merwe Gepubliseer deur: Metz Press
  • Tech-Savvy Parenting

    R250.00 Including VAT
    Written by: Nikki Bush and Arthur Goldstuck Published by Penguin.

    Tech-Savvy Parenting

    A guide to raising safe children in a digital world.