Nikki Bush has an energetic conversation with Abdullah Verachia about breaking disruption down beyond the noise of COVID-19, the need for letting go of assumptions that no longer serve us and the concept of intellectual humility in the face of disruption from megatrends. Abdullah Verachia wears many hats which is what makes him so interesting to talk to. He is the CEO of The Strategists, Senior Faculty at GIBS and Programme Director for the Harvard Senior Executive Programme for Africa among many other things. Abdullah is also married and has three children aged 4, 6, and 8.

His book Reset, Rewire and Reimagine Everything is available in bookstores or you can order a physical, personal copy here  For more information visit

The conversation covers:

  • The new normal – was life ever normal before?
  • Megatrends that will bring more disruption
  • Identifying fault lines beyond Covid-19
  • How to build a culture of innovation in work and life
  • The importance of challenging assumptions
  • The need for intellectual humility
  • The shift to self-leadership and self-determination
  • Work-life integration