So your child has learnt his/her letters and can read. Now build on those foundations by playing word games to reinforce and continually improve their word power. This means playing games where words are made up and broken up and made up again. It’s like playing word gymnastics with the brain – it’s a kind of mental fitness. Just look at sharp elderly people who are of sound mind. They are usually the ones still doing the crossword and Sudoku puzzles!

Toy Talk always features a number of word games, and here are the ones that made it onto my highly recommended list of games and toys this year:


  • Scrabble Banter (age 9 to adult)
  • Scrabble Speed (age 8 to adult)
  • Say the Word (age 8 to adult)
  • Scattergories (age 8 to adult)
  • Zingo Build A Word (age 7 to adult)

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