LIPTON-CAPE-TOWN-3Women in leadership who are motivated and inspired are better able to stay focused and achieve more as they juggle their myriad roles. To keep your business environment highly energised and productive, consider the following three tips for boosting motivation and team morale:

  • Reward achievements creatively – it might seem a good idea to attach cash bonuses to certain achievements and goals reached, but it’s not the only way to reward people. Sometimes a more creative approach such as a paid day off so that they can catch up on personal tasks or a day at the spa can be more meaningful. Keep the rewards varied and team members will work harder to achieve them.
  • Set up a mentoring programme within your business – provide the women in your office with the opportunity to be mentored by a corporate leader in the business whom they admire. This provides each woman with the opportunity to become a successful business woman through coaching and guidance from a professional in the field.
  • Hire a motivational speaker – the right motivational speaker is focused on women in leadership and knows just how to boost their self esteem and confidence, teach them new coping mechanisms and inspire them to try harder and dig deeper to become the successful women in business that they aspire to be.

Motivate the women in your workplace with the help of Nikki Bush

If you are looking for innovative ways to keep the women in leadership in your business inspired and focused, hiring Nikki Bush is the answer. Nikki Bush is a sought after motivational and inspirational speaker who has a track record of providing women with renewed motivation, a boost to their self-esteem, new stress coping mechanisms and new-found strength to overcome the daily challenges and choices they are faced with in both life and business.

To learn more about inspiring and motivating women in the workplace, take the time to contact Nikki Bush. Alternatively, book Nikki Bush for your next corporate gathering or function.