Card games cut it time-wise

I have always been a fan of card games for family fun for a number of reasons:

  • They are usually fairly quick to play 
  • They are small and take up little space (can be packed into the car glove box, side door pocket or in mum’s handbag)
  • Many card games, particularly those designed for 4 – 7 year olds, can be played in a variety of ways (eg, snap, happy families, rummy, memory game etc)

My motto as a parent on the run is to never leave the house without a game in hand.  If you find yourself with time to kill you may as well turn it into a connection opportunity with whichever child may be with you. By being constructive you also distract a potentially nagging or bored child.

Card games are also a fun way to bridge the time between arriving home and getting into the homework. Sometimes a bit of play can settle the energy. Fill your child’s emotional cup by spending quality time together (even just 10 minutes) and it will chase any ‘cold pricklies’ away by replacing them with laughter (and even some competition, with an older child).

Card games are a simple and inexpensive way to recast yourself as fun to be with.

This week (18 – 25 February 2015), at Toy Talk, we are offering a 10% discount on the following card games that make great birthday gifts too, while stocks last: (stunning European designed games in fabulous packaging)

  • Banana Spit
  • Bataflash
  • Crazy Mates
  • Diamoniak
  • Gorilla
  • Mini Nature
  • Mixamatou
  • Piratatak
  • Mistaboo


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