How to Raise Financially Independent Children

By |2021-09-20T12:30:40+02:00Sep 2nd, 2021|News, Podcasts|

Nikki Bush in conversation with the down-to-earth, calm and thoughtful financial advisor, Wayne Rogers. We discuss how to raise financially-savvy and financially-independent children,  so that they will not be on their parents’ payroll into their 30s! Wayne has raised three [...]

Give your Money-Mindset a Makeover

By |2021-09-20T12:30:41+02:00Aug 12th, 2021|Podcasts|

Nikki Bush in conversation with Kim Potgieter about how to give your money-mindset a makeover. Kim is Head of Life Planning at Chartered Wealth Solutions. Kim advocates paying attention to our lives and giving intention to our money, because [...]


By |2021-09-20T12:30:41+02:00Aug 5th, 2021|News, Podcasts|

Nikki Bush in conversation with Zureida Ebrahim about some of the key lessons she has for women to enable them to get ahead and how you can help other women too. Zureida is a dynamic personality who believes there [...]

Lessons from a Woman at the Top

By |2021-09-20T12:32:22+02:00Jul 21st, 2021|News, Podcasts|

An empowerment series to raise hope, build resilience and self-leadership during uncertain times. Nikki Bush in conversation with Anel Bosman, Group Managing Executive at Nedbank CIB, the first woman to hold this senior position in South African banking. She [...]

How Music Raises Hope in Tough Times

By |2021-09-20T12:33:11+02:00Jul 7th, 2021|Podcasts|

Nikki Bush in an uplifting conversation with composer, conductor and choirmaster Ralf Schmitt, most well-known for taking the Ndlovu Youth Choir from obscurity to the finals of America's Got Talent (AGT) in 2019. Hear about the hope that music brought [...]

Breaking Disruption Down Beyond the Noise

By |2021-09-20T12:33:12+02:00Jun 23rd, 2021|Podcasts|

Nikki Bush has an energetic conversation with Abdullah Verachia about breaking disruption down beyond the noise of COVID-19, the need for letting go of assumptions that no longer serve us and the concept of intellectual humility in the face [...]

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