I am loving the patriotic fervour out there at the moment and I am sure you are too. Celebrating unity and diversity in South Africa is important but the question on everyone’s lips is this, “Why can’t we sustain this beyond the Rugby World Cup?” or, “How can we sustain this beyond the Rugby World Cup?”

Well, I want to share a few things that I have noticed are going right in my corner of the world that celebrate unity and diversity in South Africa. They have nothing to do with the World Cup Rugby but they do illustrate wealth in diversity and strength in unity which so very important when we are talking about Heritage Day:

  • Excellent people that I come across in corporate South Africa every day from all ends of the spectrum that make me believe that there is wealth in diversity and strength in unity which we need to celebrate.
    • Bright, talented, qualified, experienced and committed
  • The Licensing Department at the Waterfall Office Park in Midrand is off the charts efficient when it comes to driver’s licence renewals.
    • Book your time slot right up to 9pm at night and they operate on time and get you through the process with a smile too
  • Natis online car licence renewal with delivery to your door on time
    • Works like clockwork
  • Takealot, Hirschs, Hertex, Yuppie Chef and Dial-a-Bed delivery of purchases have been on time and a pleasure
    • Good communication and follow through via phone calls and SMS and delivering when promised
  • Cabin crew and ground crew on Lift Airlines are on purpose, cheerful, really listen and are eager to make the journey better for everyone
  • Watching staff in many restaurants being really engaging and animated with their customers
    • It shows when staff take ownership and responsibility and I am tipping them even more
  • A friend of one of my neighbours donated 40 agapanthus from her garden when she heard that I was looking for more plants for the re-landscaping of the complex gardens where I live
    • Just pure generosity of spirit
  • The energy of the staff at vida e caffè
    • Always upbeat and at your service
  • Hirschs’ sales staff and customer service in-store are off the charts good
    • So much so that I talk about it all the time, use it as a case study with clients and have purchased all my appliances from them
  • Superb service and attention to detail at The Capital on the Park in Sandton recently where I presented for a day
    • From the parking attendant to the waiters and waitresses, to the lady who pushed the luggage trolley and more, they were engaged, interested and they cared
  • Purchasing a 21st birthday present for my niece at the very well hidden NomNom jewellery store in Sandton was a very unique and special experience
    • A South African range designed to tell a story, with excellent sales staff who revel in helping you make a choice in charms when you are spoilt for choice, and take superb care in wrapping and presentation
  • Let’s not forget countless charities and NPOs that continue to do such amazing work with very little

Well, I could go on, but I won’t. You get the gist. 

While I am not ignoring poor leadership of our country politically and failing infrastructure, both enormous problems, I do sense a groundswell of wealth in diversity and strength in unity amongst our people. And it’s good to see!

Let’s all do everything we can to contribute to writing a new narrative to strengthen all that is good in our heritage.

Much love,
Nikki Bush
Human Potential and Parenting Expert helping you to win at work and life