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  • How to ensure your child’s brain does not get stuck in a learning rut. Teach them skills for stress-free, empowered learning (So that they can absorb, remember and retrieve information at will)…
  • Why a bit of adversity is good for your child’s development. The argument for not taking away all their pain and frustration is a myth. (It actually makes them strong and resilient and better able to cope with the ups and downs of real life)…..
  • How to recognise the symptoms of over-exposure to screens (phones, tablets, computers & TVs) in your child. How to avoid them to achieve balanced screen time. (So that your child can be successful and effective both on-screen and off-screen)…
  • Why you need to make sure your children know that they really matter. In order to engage them in their own development. (So that they see themselves as the architects and storytellers of their own lives)….

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