Colour and counting are important early learning foundations. Here are three favourite products to stimulate school readiness skills:






Jack-in-the-box R150.00
(colour matching)

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The colour that turns up is the colour of the spring that they have to pick up. The die goes around and the aim of the game is to build the spring chain as long as possible without repeating two springs of the same colour more than once. The game ends for each player when they roll the clown. The others can go on playing until they each roll a clown. Create small rules for your bunch of little ones and make this game all the more fun. The colourful Chalk and Chuckles product makes your child visually stimulated, enhances their social skills and makes them more active.






Mini Muffin Match Up R395.00
(colour matching, counting & fine-motor co-ordination)

Different sorting-circle inserts boost color recognition, matching, sorting, counting, and early math skills. Included dice feature colors and numbers (0-6) allowing for group activities and game play Muffin pan measures 10″L x 51/2″H Ages 3+/Grades PreK




Boulier R280.00
(colour, counting and observation)

This colourful wooden abacus from Djeco turns a traditional educational toy into a fun children’s game. Using the abacus count the different elements displayed along the top edge of each picture card and then turn them over to check the answer. How many blue birds or red cats can you see? Early learning toy, Wooden counting game, 20 picture cards Box size approx: 21.5 x 21.5 x 4cm, Ages 4 – 6 years





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