Connect the Tots

foundations for problem solving.

connect the dots In a modern world where the winking, blinking, noisy variety of toys get most of the attention, real active learning can be found in good old-fashioned construction toys, from wooden building blocks, to toys with nuts and bolts, the click together variety or even magnetic ones. Construction toys lay wonderful foundations for problem solving, pre-maths and language skills apart from the fine-motor co-ordination and many other skills that are stimulated. After this one and a half hour workshop you will never look at a packet of Jelly Tots in the same way again!

A highly memorable and interactive workshop that will:

  • Give you insight into how children learn
  • Introduce dozens of key perceptual skills your child needs to acquire
  • Provide you with ideas of how to develop school readiness skills in your children
  • Give you ideas of how to develop X-factors for success for the future world of work for your children
  • Take you through the seven different stages of construction you never knew existed
  • Introduce you to different types of construction toys and their benefits

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