Connecting on the Run Presentation

Everyone today is busy. Multi-tasking and enormous workloads have become our default setting. We find ourselves with diminishing quality time for building and maintaining relationships both at work and at home. Everyone is suffering from the G-word. Guilt!

Guilt seems to lie just below the surface for many as we strive for that elusive ‘work-life balance’, often feeling like we aren’t able to bring our A-game consistently to the table in any sphere of our lives. It is guilt and stress that reduces productivity and performance in our personal and professional lives. Guilt interferes with our ability to be truly present, wherever we are, lowering our levels of engagement and productivity.

Anyone who is stress-rich and time-poor in the organisation, from staff to partners, parents and non-parents, should not miss out on this session with media personality, human potential and parenting expert, Nikki Bush, who empowers individuals, teams and families to win at life and work.

During this interactive and powerful session, Nikki Bush will:

  • Share tools to help support and understand parents better within the organisation
  • Help staff and partners better understand each other
  • Teach the art and benefit of real connection and the ability to be present, at home and work
  • How to cheat time
  • How to connect on the run despite one’s busyness
  • How to create extraordinary connection and memories out of very ordinary moments
  • Help parents turn their guilt into love by using the little time they have with their families, constructively
  • Shift the perspectives around ‘the second job of the day’ – parenting
  • Raise energy levels
  • Add value to the Women in Leadership conversation

Take-homes from Connecting on the Run include:

  • Learning how to drop into a state of presence
  • Seeing colleagues as human beings not just human doings
  • Be able to read human needs and behavior better in adults and children
  • Dozens of ideas to use as ice breakers in meetings or the training room, or for creating quality time moments with your children on the run if you are a parent
  • An ability to reframe time
  • Insight into how to fill your own emotional cup
  • How to be more focused at home and work, raising engagement and performance

Talk Length: 60 minutes
Talk Type: Keynote with an interactive process
Seating: Flexible seating in rows with a center aisle, or seated at tables

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