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Nikki Bush offers a number of services to both small and large businesses because parenting impacts on productivity, efficiency and profitability in the workplace.

Your business can interact with Nikki in the following ways:

Book Nikki to present a talk or workshop to your employees. See the list of talks with an audience guideline and click through the links to read the various synopses. Nikki speaks at women’s and staff forums, corporate wellness days, conferences, seminars and team building events.

  1. Book Nikki to present a talk or workshop to your board or special interest group. Perfect for putting parenting on the corporate agenda, because parenting is a leadership issue.
  2. Book Nikki to speak at conference, seminar or client entertainment events. She is a seasoned main platform keynote presenter as well as a breakaway session presenter. With her high profile in the media, parenting and education circles, Nikki is a draw card for your event.
  3. Sponsor Nikki to present talks and workshops on roadshows to employees, parent groups or staff and learners at schools. Past clients include Standard Bank, Living & Loving and Lipton Ice Tea.
  4. Nikki undertakes a limited number of brand association contracts each year where where there is synergy between her brand and message and the client’s brand and message. Past clients include the likes of Standard Bank, Living & Loving, Lipton Ice Tea, Leap Frog toys and games and McDonald’s.
  5. Nikki has excellent media skills and will happily accept radio, TV or print media interviews relating to your event. Don’t miss this opportunity to get media coverage for your organisation or event.
  6. Nikki can help you with game development for marketing or training purposes. She has developed seven educational board games of her own including games for big name brands such as Barney, Thomas and Barbie. Some of her clients have included Discovery Health, Just Fun Toys and Smile Education.
  7. Nikki can help you develop and package intellectual property when it comes to creating parenting resources such as training material, ebooks, books and customised presentations. Her finely honed writing and presentations skills, combined with her creativity and depth of knowledge about parenting and education, make her a perfect service provider in this specialised arena. Brain Boosters is a perfect showcase for Nikki’s skills and expertise in packaging intellectual property. She not only wrote the parenting skills for 60 modules of the progamme, but developed and presented the 10 key training modules for trainers and helped to structure the range consisting of hundreds of toys, games and books, which also included writing the how to play instructions for each of them.
  8. Subscribe to Nikki’s free monthly newsletter for inspiration and to keep up with what Nikki has on offer.
  9. Subscribe to Nikki’s Parenting Matters for Corporates a handy, time-saving syndicated copywriting service. Nikki will contribute practical 21st century parenting wisdom (40 articles a year) for you to use on your company intranet.
  10. Connect with Nikki via social media: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Linked In.

To connect with Nikki Bush about any of the above, please email her at:nikki@0cb.ab6.myftpupload.com


  • Brand You© Personal branding in the workplace, particularly suitable for franchise organisations and network marketing groups.
  • Bridging the Digital Divide© To create tech-savvy children parents need to bridge the digital divide and find their middle ground in a world of digital challenges. Talk for senior primary and high school parents.
  • Children Living in the Red Zone© What’s stressing our children? Who is responsible and what can we do about it? Talk for pre- and primary school parents.
  • Children of Substance© We need to bring up children of substance, with a strong inner core, who will be able to adapt and adopt in a fast-changing world. Workshop for high school parents.
  • Connecting through the Noise and Clutter© Learn how to understand and overcome the noise of technology and the clutter of consumerism that runs interference between us and our children. Talk for pre- and primary school parents.
  • Future-Proof Your Child® What you need to know about tomorrow today, why you need to know it and what you need to do to prepare today’s children for a fast-changing world? Explore the X-factors for success in the new world of work and how to develop them in your children. Talk for pre- and primary school parents.
  • Get outta your head!© In the high-performance business environment sometimes we need to get out of our heads in order to really connect with each other as human beings and for ideas to flow. Play, connect, relate in this fun, play-based team-building workshop.
  • Let out those kite strings!© Letting go and letting grow are both essential to loving and parenting your children to enable them to survive and thrive independently of you in a fast-changing world. Workshop for pre- and primary school parents.
  • Parenting on the Run® A poignant, fun and interactive workshop to help pre- and primary school parents with work-life balance. Discover how to stay connected to your children despite your busyness through the art of being truly present.
  • Tech-Savvy Parenting Tech, screens and connectivity dominate children’s lives today. Parents need to become tech-savvy so that their children become responsible digital citizens one day. For parents of toddlers through to teens.
  • Which hat are you wearing now?© The choices and challenges facing working women today as they aim for that often elusive state of work-life balance.

Nikki with the Brain Boosters head office team.

Nikki Bush, together with the Brain Boosters head office team (CEO Lynda Smith third from left). The Brain Boosters programme is a unique social entrepreneurship programme that aims to uplift society through early childhood education and parenting programmes. At the Gender Mainstreaming Awards 2013, BrainBoosters received the Economic Empowerment trophy as well as the runner-up award for the category: Women and Poverty Alleviation, which was won by Coca-Cola. The awards were presented by Lulu Xingwanu, Minister of Women, Children and People with Disabilities.


“Working in partnership with Nikki added real value to our Positive Steps campaign for Lipton Ice Tea. Nikki brought real credibility to the parenting message that were were trying to get involved in and gave legitimacy to our brand’s involvement. Nikki also came with a following, so if targeting parents, she amplifies your audience. Overall she was a strong addition to our campaign. As for the talks themselves and the content, Nikki captivated our audience with her engaging and entertaining style, coupled with her depth of knowledge and confidence. The take-home value for parents was enormous.”

Stewart Jones, GM Lipton Ice Tea, Unilever.

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