How can you intentionally create space for success to happen in 2024 so that it can be a year of twenty twenty more?

Your outer world can be a mirror for your inner world. Clear your physical space, and your mental space will be clearer too. As you start gearing up for the beginning of a new year and going back to work, you need to act intentionally to make space for success to happen.

Create space for success: Three small actions you can take to clear your space


  • Go through all those loose pieces of paper that are floating around and cluttering up your space
    • Make an action pile and a filing pile
  • You will be amazed at how often money tied up in these piles
    • I found nearly two thousand Rand in an envelope during my de-clutter as well as some unused gift vouchers from my birthday
    • I also found a certified copy of a licence document we had been madly searching for during the holidays

Go through your cellphone

  • Photos
    • Create albums on your phone for specific photos so they are easy to find
    • Delete duplicate images
    • Make sure you back up all your special memories to the cloud and then stop worrying
    • A trip down memory lane through photo’s is always good for the soul too
  • Apps
    • Delete apps you don’t use
    • Re-order what you do use so that the most used come up first

Sort out your fridge and freezer

  • January is a very looong month financially so use up what you have. I did a sort and made a list of all the things in my freezer and pantry that needed to be used up (nuts, seeds, flours, tinned foods, etc). With awareness it’s amazing how you gravitate to cooking things that require exactly what you have.
  • Make a master meal list for the next couple of weeks then you don’t have to think what to make next
  • Make a master shopping list for ingredients you need
  • With a little organisation and planning you can save yourself time, energy and money at this back-to-work, back-to-school time
  • Why not sign up with one of the grocery deliver apps too, while you are about it

Create Power Spots

International tidying expert, Mari Kondo, says that we need to create a ‘power spot’ – a space full of good energy and intentions; a joy-sparking space for life and work. Whether it’s your desk at home or work, your kitchen, or a corner of the lounge where you have your comfy chair, great lighting and your favourite reads; you can have as many power spots as you want – but you should have at least one!

Start your year right with these small, practical actions that will create power spots for you. They will help focus you and shift the inertia that may be holding you back from getting into gear again. Intentionally create space for success to happen this year.

Out with the old and in with the new. Happy 2024 and I wish you twenty twenty more! Feel free to share.

With love and good wishes.

Nikki Bush
Human Potential Expert