Do you often find yourself short of time, caught in the task trap and feeling like you are going nowhere slowly? It’s time to intentionally focus on what really matters to you – where you choose to direct your attention, not where you think you must. This is how you can shift from busy to productive.

If you want to reframe your relationship with time, intention and attention, it’s time to ask yourself this question: “Is this task/deal/role worthy of my attention? Does it deserve my attention?” Imposter syndrome usually drives women the other way, thinking they are not worthy enough to do what they are doing. Your choices are intrinsically linked to your past conditioning and your self-worth.

Listen to my fascinating conversation with Shelmina Babai Abji about how to become productive and fulfilled by knowing what to say yes and no to. Her personal leadership principles apply to everyone, not just women.

Shelmina is an advocate for gender equality in leadership, an author, empowerment speaker and former IBM VP. She is an angel investor and board member including the United Nations Foundation project, Girl Up. Shelmina has walked the walk from the dusty plains of Tanzania, where she was born, to the board rooms of top companies around the world, becoming one of the highest-ranking women of colour in IBM.

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The conversation covers:

  • How women short-change themselves
  • Stepping into your fear to grow and succeed
  • Managing your mental chatter
  • Developing your power quotient
  • Giving intention to your time and attention
  • Saying no without demeaning yourself or being apologetic
  • Saying no to gain respect and create space for yes
  • Beware of the task trap
  • How to go from busy to productive
  • Your evolving picture of success
“If you are not intentional and strategic, you might physically be in a meeting, but you aren’t fully present mentally or emotionally.”
Shelmina Babai Abji, Global Empowerment Speaker

“If we say yes to something that is not worthy of our time, we are saying no to something that is worthy of our time.”

Shelmina Babai Abji, Global Empowerment Speaker

“Growth and comfort cannot coexist.”
Shelmina Babai Abji, Global Empowerment Speaker
“Until you step outside your comfort zone, you don’t even know what you’re capable of doing. And so you could be shortchanging your capabilities because you never took a chance to even test them”
Shelmina Babai Abji; Global Empowerment Speaker
“Where you choose to focus your attention, determines your success and differentiates your success from someone else’s.”
Shelmina Babai Abji, Global Empowerment Speaker

“Saying no, will actually gain your respect which is so much more important than someone liking you or not liking you.”

Shelmina Babai Abji, Global Empowerment Speaker

When you value your time, you should not be sorry.”

Shelmina Babai Abji, Global Empowerment Speaker

“Your power quotient, your real, true, authentic power lies in your response. No matter what the situation is, you are always responsible and accountable for your response.”

Shelmina Babai Abji, Global Empowerment Speaker

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