Perfect for children between the ages of 8 and 13 in an easy question and answer format, with delightful illustrations to add a fun element, it will double as an invaluable guide for parents so that they can answer their children’s questions candidly, with knowledge, sensitivity and humour.

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A South African bestseller now in its 11th reprint.

Written by: Nikki Bush & Ilze van der Merwe

Published by: Metz Press

Publication date: June 2009

About the Authors

Ilze van der Merwe has two children, aged 27 and 29. She is an educational psychologist in private practice with a passion for families. She is a certified Demartini Method facilitator. Ilze is well-known for her popular parent workshop, How and When to Tell Your Children about the Birds and the Bees as well as Powerful Parent Powerful Child among others. She is a director of Bella Vida Centre in Johannesburg.

Nikki Bush has two children aged 19 and 15. She is a creative parenting expert, inspirational speaker and author on child and parent development issues and is passionate about helping parents connect with their children. She is highly regarded among parents and educators alike and is well-known for her many dynamic presentations including Future-proof Your Child©, Parenting on the Run©, Connecting through the Noise & Clutter© and more.

As an Educator, I have a responsibility to the children in our schools.”As an Educator, I have a responsibility to the parents in our school. As an Educator, I have a responsibility to the school’s community. This is a daunting task as we face a future of uncertainty, a future of constant change and a future of technology where most of us are IT immigrants. Future-proof Your Child(Penguin, 2008) is one of the best books to read and one that I strongly recommended to both educators and parents. Education is one of a parent – school partnership where both parties are jointly responsible for their child’s learning. In the field of Early Childhood we constantly here the words change, technology and the challenges of 21st Century children! What are the implications for us? Future-proof Your Child gives us clear and comforting direction, practical ideas and an alternate viewpoint to stimulate different thinking and discover a different approach. Both Educators and Parents need to engage their children in their learning environment and understand how they learn and what they learn and how to use their learning. Future-proof Your Child gives practical guidelines; it encourages us along the journey of educating for the future, a future without fear, and shows us how to enjoy our child’s journey, overcoming the challenges and learning for life

SUE PILKINGTON-WILLIAMS , Principal, Crawford Pre-Primary School, La Lucia

It was a delight to have Nikki Bush present at our Annual Spring Parent Seminar! Her presentation focused on how to future proof your child and be a tech-savvy parent. Our participants found her to be both engaging and encouraging. Her use of both visuals and games were a big success. The feedback we have received has been positive because the information was relevant and inspiring. It was a pleasure working with Nikki, and I would recommend her talent and work to others.

CAROLINE BROWN, Wayne County Public Schools Title I Parent Facilitator / Compliance Specialist North Carolina, USA

Nikki, thank you for spending an evening with myself, my staff and parents of the SAHETI pre-primary and playschool. Your talk ‘Future-proof Your Child’ was both inspiring and terrifying. There were times when I wanted to put my hands over my ears to prevent myself from hearing and times when I sat at the edge of my chair riveted.”We at SAHETI have understood for a long time that we are educating our children for an uncertain future, but we did not realize that that ‘future’ is already here. The message we heard from you was clear ‘if we fight it we will drown’ but what you also hold to be true, and what we at SAHETI live by – is that HOPE lives with the family. Thank you for such a thought provoking and hopeful message.

TERRI OHANNESSIAN , Saheti School (November 2011)

Finally a course with practical ideas I could use! I really enjoyed listening to your talk on how to make the most of the time we have with our precious children. It reminded me of the games I use to play as a little child with no T.V. play stations, DVD, computers etc. I also liked the fact the you understand that we, as parents, lead busy lives so your suggestions of using bath/cooking/car times are most effective. My kids argue less and laugh more! All parents would benefit from listening to your practical. fun, effective and educational ideas. Ideas easy enough to implement whilst “on the run!”