Nikki Bush in conversation with Robyn Wienand. 30 000 ECD centres are still closed and, according to a report from the Nelson Mandela Foundation, may be unlikely to reopen with enormous ramifications. Robyn is the founder of the Play with a Purpose educational programme and CEO of Preschools 4 Africa. She has worked in the NGO space for over 30 years mentoring and assisting over 200 ECD sites through a social franchise system and another 3 000 through their network. She advocates for ECD at local and national government level and has published research on early education. For more information visit or

The conversation covers:

  • The closure of 30 000 ECD centres and the impact of this on our society
  • 175 000 employees have no income
  • What happens to 1.5-million children with no stimulation?
  • What is happening on the ground
  • This is not just a COVID-19 issue it has the potential to impact an entire generation
  • Will these centres re-open?
  • How misunderstood early childhood education is
  • The connection between learning and play

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