Womens-day-we-can-do-itIt goes without saying that empowering women over the years has truly helped South Africa to grow and develop on all levels. With Women’s Day coming up on the 9th of August, many company owners and management teams are considering how to celebrate the day and treat their women workforce to something special.

Commemorating the hundreds of women who have played an integral part in acquiring equal rights for women in South Africa and even boosting social and economic development of the country, is just one way in which to celebrate National Women’s Day.

If you truly want to inspire, motivate and treat your employees, why not empower the women in your office by hiring a motivational speaker? Motivational talks can touch on women’s roles in the country, but also in the work place and private home. Women make powerful leaders and by keeping them inspired and focused and by truly appreciating them, you can expect a stronger workforce and as a result, a more productive and happier workplace.

When considering a motivational address or talk for your Women’s Day celebrations, seek out a public speaker with an address / presentation that is designed to build self esteem, provide tips and advice on how to overcome challenges, how to handle stress in a healthy way and how to effectively tap into new potential.

Book a Motivational Talk by Nikki Bush for Your Women’s Day Celebrations This Year

When looking for the right motivational speaker to attend your Women’s Day celebrations, Nikki Bush should be on the top of your list of options. Nikki has experience in public speaking and is passionate about women’s rights and the role that women play in the private home and business world.

The women in your office will leave her talk feeling refreshed, inspired and motivated. To learn more about Nikki Bush and her Women’s Day talks or to book her for your event, contact us today.