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Big kids still wanna play and have fun. In our fast-paced, performance-driven, high-tech world, we seem to have forgotten this and nowhere more so than in the business environment. While it may seem a bit contradictory, in a high tech world, the best response is one of high touch. And sometimes we need to get out of our heads for ideas to flow and for us to connect better with each other.

Every employee, whether part of management or otherwise, lives with a never ending “to do list”. To motivate them to perform better and to improve their level of enthusiasm and commitment, we need to remember that teams are not just made up of human doings but human beings. And, much like children, they need to be “parented” by management in order to decrease the “fear factor”, increase the “I can factor”, affirm the “survivor factor” and abolish the “weakest link factor”. They also yearn to become heroes in their own life stories, which includes the chapter that is being written in their place of work right now.

Creative parenting expert, Nikki Bush will show your team how easy it is to connect through the process of play – by getting outta their heads.

Through play we have the opportunity to:

  • relate
  • communicate
  • connect
  • collaborate
  • co-operate
  • create (new ideas or ways of thinking about something)
  • level the playing fields between employees
  • to break down barriers between people.

This workshop will encourage delegates to risk play. But first, they need to get out of their heads and become fully present. This is what play enables them to do – connection with others and engagement with the process then follows.

This workshop will include pockets of interesting/emotive theory around the above concepts woven in between fun and humorous games and processes designed to get the team out of their heads and into engagement and experience. We will make fun out of nothing, play card games, word games, newspaper games and more. A lot of laughter is guaranteed.


  • Thank you for delivering such a fun-filled evening on Friday. You left us all in stitches and we are still talking about all the fun we had. I will highly recommend you to a lot people as well as other YPO chapters as a resource.

    Themba Chalumbira
  • Nikki had 150 people on the edge of their seats, participating in tasks and games eliciting responses and feedback to demonstrate the importance of team cohesion and ensuring the breaking down of silo’s and individual commitment.

    Finance Executive, Nedbank
  • "We had a great Get Outta Your Head workshop with Nikki Bush. We had a host of ladies who joined at the Women in IT networking event and they had a blast. It was a great session, definitely a go to event. If you want to see your staff making noise, connecting and having fun, Get Outta Your Head is definitely for you and your team."

    Nonceba Rasmeni Women in IT
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