What will your child do if they find themselves in a situation they would rather not be in? Do they have a plan for just in case? Just in case, for example, they feel uncomfortable with what’s going down around them at a party or a sleepover. Just in case the peer pressure is getting too much?

I often talk to parents about scenario planning with children with regard to both offline and online dangers as a way to help them make decisions and choices when they are without you.

Now here is an interesting way to give your kids a back-up plan – to give them a way out if they find themselves in a tricky situation they want to extricate themselves from, without fear of embarrassing themselves in front of their peers. The idea of an X-Plan comes from parent and blogger Bert Fulks and, if used appropriately, it will give the whole family peace of mind. It does not, however, mean that you don’t need to teach them how to stand up for themselves and be assertive. The X-Plan should not replace the development of life skills to help children learn how to deal with situations by themselves. But, it is an assurance to them that you are there for them, no matter what.