Parenting on the Run - Nikki BushWorking parents are constantly juggling priorities. With that comes a mantle of guilt that can get in the way of relationships, productivity, performance and the ability to be truly in the moment whether at work or at home with the family. No-one wins.

Every parent is long on love and short on time. There is no balance. In fact, balance is a myth. Anyone aiming for perfect balance is on a hiding to nothing and will be eternally disappointed. Learning how to reframe time and make friends with it, no matter how little or how much you have, is the secret. Learning how to make use of little pockets of time creatively is the key.

I share my secrets to being an effective parent on the run in interactive workshops that leave parents inspired and empowered to go home and connect in memorable ways with their children immediately. The classic principles underpinning my philosophy are timeless and as applicable to 2 year olds as they are to 16 year olds. When parents realise just how easy it is to recognise their children’s needs and fulfil them, parenting becomes so much easier and less stressful. And, when things are going well at home, they go so much better at work because we are less distracted.

If you are a business owner or are in HR or corporate wellness, your staff’s stress and busyness is your business because it impacts on the bottom line. Why not consider booking me for one of my acclaimed Parenting on the Run workshops? They are fun, creative and practical and suitable as a lunchtime talk, for a Wellness Day, Women’s Day event, or a company conference.  And they are not just for working mums. Dads love them too.

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