Women’s Day is celebrated on 9 August, but instead of Women’s Day, people across South Africa have dedicated the entire month to women. This is a testament to how the role of women in society has changed and continues to change.

Women have always been agents for change. As catalysts, we wear many hats and have become the glue that keeps society together. All of the women that cross my path each day: the mothers, grannies, aunties, sisters, teachers, principals, entrepreneurs and business people, I salute you. You are society’s indispensible ‘sticky factor’ and for this you must be celebrated and acknowledged.

It’s not uncommon for women to struggle with achieving a sense of work-life balance. Children can take a lot of your time, energy and focus – and this can be particularly hard when trying to build a successful career. In order to be an effective parent, women need to learn how to reframe time and cheat time to get around to everything.

The more I watch women, whether in their personal lives, their partner or children’s lives, in the work place or in community or political life, strong women who act with courage, conviction and determination can change the world.

You don’t have to be a celebrity or a famous person to be an agent of change. National Women’s Day, which happens on 9 August, is a reminder that any of us can choose to be upstanders and become catalysts for change.

Some of my poetic musings may inspire you below:


I live in the moment of all possibility
I live in the now
I pay deep attention

I break free from the chains of my conditioning
There is a new world out there
I trust the adventure of life

Anything is possible
If I am receptive and graciously receive
If I choose to step up to the plate

I can be bold
Because the net is always there
No matter how invisible

Feminine energy

Hold your ground
Be true to yourself
But be open to opportunity
Blessings can come from the most unlikely places
Trust your intuition
Be flexible and fluid
And your feminine energy will draw new possibilities to you

Women’s month is a reminder to fill your cup so that you can continue to fill the cups of others in your life because, when your cup is empty, you have nothing to give.

Have a fabulous Women’s Day on 9 August – in fact, it’s now considered to be Women’s Month!

August is a time to celebrate all of the women in your life. Not only the women in leadership, but each and every person that needs support, inspiration or upliftment. If you would like to book an inspiring Woman’s Day Talk, contact Nikki Bush.