High-touch Hybrid Leadership

Secrets to engaging teams as a facili-leader in a hybrid world

Leadership in a hybrid world demands a new skill set. Coaching and facilitating are part of the deal. Most leaders are asking this question: “How do I do that?” Do not miss this opportunity to level up to become the leader your team needs now.

We live and work in a new-look world – the office is wherever you are. In this interactive and engaging presentation Nikki Bush shares insights, frameworks and tools to help leaders become more engaging, inspiring contribution from their team. that leaders can use for effective and dynamic online or face-to-face team engagements.

This interactive virtual workshop explores:

  • The shift to hybrid leadership
  • Understanding the resistance to hybrid
  • Reinventing one-on-ones with direct reports
  • Understanding the new employee mantra
  • Using contrast and variety to create more engaging meetings
  • Creating more meetings that matter more
  • How and when to ditch the agenda
  • The importance of rhythm and consistency in a hybrid world
  • The Morning Huddle and the Team Cuddle wherever you are
  • How to ensure all the voices in ‘the room’ are heard
  • How to build trust and encourage focused and committed contribution
  • Facilitation tools to create surprise, variety and fun

We’ve had fantastic feedback about your presentation which ticked all the boxes for the business. Being able to visually see and sense the shift in the audience through the anonymous polls and other tools used during the presentation really drove home your message making it tangible and personal. We loved how your insights and practical tools were so well packaged in bite-size nuggets that were memorable without being overwhelming. The panel discussion you ran evoked so much that everyone could relate to in a very real way. Thank you for shifting our perspective and belief that we can do this!

Christin Kennedy-Good, RSC HR Business Partner, KFC

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