Teach your kids how to change a plug

Life skills in kids today are dwindling as parents don’t spend time passing them on by doing DIY together. Everyone needs to know how to change a plug. Children from around 10 years of age upwards, both girls and boys, should know what to do, together with understanding the dangers of electricity, of course.

I am married to an electrical engineer and last night we discovered the hilarious SuzelleDIY videos and had a really good chuckle. Here is one we found on how to change a plug that is for adult viewing due to the expletive at the end! You can do the teaching of your children yourselves – you don’t need show them a video, rather show them how.

Suzelle shows how easy it is to remember where to put the blue and brown wires – my professional husband checked it out for factual accuracy and has given it the thumbs up.

Click here to watch, have a good laugh and then go and teach your kids!