toytalk Positive parenting advice: young children aren’t usually too fussy about what toys they are given, but parents should be. Toys are a great deal more than just an object for your child to play with. Of course they should be fun, but they should also be age-appropriate and designed for stimulating a growing mind. Play is vitally important for a variety of aspects of your child’s development, including:

  • Social
  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Emotional

When selecting toys, try to think of them as learning and developmental tools and you might find your decisions change. Toys and games are also an ideal way to engage with your children and build your relationship based on interaction and fun .

Below are a few positive parenting tips to bear in mind when buying toys and games for your child:

  • Don’t simply fall for the latest “hot” or “trendy” toy on the market. Just because everyone thinks it’s the next big thing doesn’t mean it has any educational or developmental value for your child. Think toys through before you buy into the consumerism surrounding toy sales.
  • Limit electronic toys and video/computer games and ensure that your child gets to play with more toys of the real kind. You need to balance their on-screen and off-screen lives to encourage whole-child development.
  • Rather purchase a few good toys at a time than lots of irrelevant ones. Look for toys with multiple lay options that stimulate a variety of skills and can be played with in many different ways. If a child becomes bored with a toy or game, put it away for a few weeks and when you bring it out again they will look at it differently as children are always shifting brain-body space.

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