Have You Lost Your Voice? What are the stories, and whose voices keep you from speaking? If you don’t feel free to speak — and many of us don’t — there are reasons you feel that way. Those stories need to be told, and the lies within them need to be challenged.

Today we have three great pieces of advice for anyone leading others from our podcast guest, Juliette Jenner:

  1. Be smart with humans – speak human.
  2. In doing it, you become it.
  3. You don’t need to be the smartest person in the room.

Juliette Jenner is a coach, speaker, actress and founder of The Dynamic Voice Company. She is way more than a physical voice coach: she is a weaver of personal and professional development magic.

Juliette helps business leaders find their authentic CEO voice to enable them to maximise peak opportunity moments in their careers. This includes deep work around understanding how power and energy shifts and moves; crafting your narrative; and defining your unique contribution.

Juliette believes there is no point in having power, presence, and impact if it doesn’t create a sense of joy and fulfilment.

Questions for you:

How are you embracing your experience of evolving and becoming?

We are always shifting and growing. I wonder what you have experienced recently that:

  • Was new?
  • Surprised you?
  • Pushed you out of your comfort zone?
  • Energised you?
  • Opened your eyes to new possibilities?

I hope you were able to put some answers to these questions because that means you are open to newness and possibility.

“What is my contribution? What is my point of view? What is my truth, and how do I bring it in service of making things better? So I have a complete, unashamed agenda. I want to encourage people to find what lights their hearts up with love; to find their narrative; and make the world better. So that’s my calling, because of a lot of what I teach – in terms of how to influence, how to persuade, how to show up and speak well, how to understand, how communication and conversation works, and how storytelling and narrative works –  is really understanding how to be smart with humans, how to speak human.”

Juliette Jenner, Co-Director Dynamic Voice Company

“I love the dynamics between human beings. I love how power moves. I love how connection and collaboration work; how creativity moves through us, and  what makes us essentially human together.”

Juliette Jenner, Co-Director Dynamic Voice Company

“We’re not looking for little matchbox people or cookie-cutter people. We’re looking for individuals who bring their uniqueness into the room. So what does this mean? It means that you’ve got to know who you are. You’ve got to know what your talents and strengths are; your passions and joys; what lights you up.”

Juliette Jenner, Co-Director Dynamic Voice Company

“You know, an actor takes on a fictitious role in a fictitious story, but actually, that’s what we’re all doing every day. We are working out what will happen if I inhabit this role;  I put my hand up and say “yeah, I’m going to step into this role”. We’ve got to work out not how did that person do the role, or how do other people do the role, but rather…” ? How do I do this role?

Juliette Jenner, Co-Director Dynamic Voice Company

“If you want to get people’s attention, you have to bring your attention to them. And I think power presence is a way of describing focus, energy and attention. “

Juliette Jenner, Co-Director Dynamic Voice Company

“Power can force us to collude with the wrong things. So we collude with power because we think we have to. We love authority and we’re very, very good at being compliant. So we don’t want to rock the boat, we don’t want to challenge…”

Juliette Jenner, Co-Director Dynamic Voice Company

“Magic doesn’t happen if there isn’t the willingness to love each other in the greater sense of the word, which is about finding the best in each other. So I think the universal human language is love.”

Juliette Jenner, Co-Director Dynamic Voice Company

Enjoy another episode of My Win @ Work and Life Podcast: Shaming Shame By Sharing Your Story