Leadership unusual

Leadership Unusual: are you harnessing the self-leadership shift yet?

A dynamic conversation-style keynote presentation between Nikki Bush, Human Potential and Parenting Expert and Bryan Hattingh, Leadership Expert and Merchant of Hope, that will examine and champion the shift to self-leadership that COVID-19 is ushering in. How does this impact on your talent bench and the relinquishment and acquisition of capabilities and responsibilities among leadership and staff?

Over the past few decades, we have become more and more dependent on external validation, acknowledgement, recognition, motivation, entertainment and so much more. As this dependency has grown so has employee disengagement and productivity. With the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic we have seen that employee engagement and productivity are both up, but what is driving them? What is the source of energy team members are using to push the metrics up? Is it healthy and, indeed, sustainable?


  • The real drivers of human nature and how to tap into them
  • Why fear as an energy source is not sustainable
  • What are self-leadership and self-ownership?
  • Exercises for self-awareness and self-empowerment
  • How our neurobiology impacts on our immune system, mood and behaviour and therefore leadership of self and others
  • The benefits to business and individuals of the shift from micro-management to self-management
  • The evolution of the intrapreneur and the concept of BrandMeInc
  • The shift from blame and disempowerment to self-determination
  • Journeying together with your team through this shift
  • How to get unstuck and move forward in times of uncertainty

Meet The Presenters

Nikki Bush
Human Potential and Parenting Expert

Human Potential and Parenting Expert, Nikki Bush empowers individuals, families and teams in business and education to win at work, home and life. She has the knack of putting difficult, complex and sensitive topics on the table (ones we often prefer to avoid), and making them accessible, such as disruption, death, loss, team dynamics, personal leadership, parenting, sexuality education, tech and your kids and so much more.

Nikki has written four best-selling parenting books with major publishers, including her latest, Future-proof Your Child for the 2020s and Beyond (Penguin Random House), and she has fielded over 2 500 media interviews in the past 12 years. You may have seen or heard her on her weekly slots on Radio 702 and SABC3’s Expresso among many others.
Nikki always speaks with passion, packs a powerful sound bite, provides valuable insights and will leave you with practical solutions to help you win at work and life.

Nikki is currently writing a new book for Penguin Random House with the working title: Future-proof Yourself to Win @ Work and Life.

Nikki works closely with many of South Africa’s top listed companies helping leadership and employees to get to grips with disruption both personally and professionally. She is a firm believer that when disruption comes from outside, your best approach is to consciously disrupt yourself or your business from the inside.

Bryan Hattingh
Leadership Expert and Business Strategist

Bryan Hattingh is an enigmatic and unashamedly unconventional man who lives his life to the fullest. He is a visionary and serial entrepreneur who understands and consults on the essence, challenges and opportunities facing business leaders across industry sectors, whilst asserting that he is simultaneously a social disruptor and corporate refugee. Bryan is a leadership expert and merchant of hope. He is the founder and managing director of Cycan and the face behind the long-running radio show Risky Business currently on MIX93.8fm, now in it’s 15th uninterrupted year. Bryan is also regularly interviewed in the mainstream media. He is the author of the recently published book Love, Hope and Marvels.

For the past 35 years, Bryan has been engaged in a various capacities in business, acting as a change agent and thought leader in the fields of executive and leadership acceleration and actualization, business transition, entrepreneurship, brand activation (personal and business) and talent acquisition strategy and execution. He is a trusted advisor to blue-chip corporations and a variety of SMME businesses across industries ranging from Telecommunications, Information Technology, Banking, Insurance, Retail, Private Equity, Mining, and Service Based organisations and practices.

Bryan established the Bryan Hattingh Group of Companies (BHG) in 1987 which within two years of opening was acclaimed as the No.1 IT Talent Acquisition company that later was responsible for appointing and mobilising the leadership and talent teams for Microsoft, SAP, Digital, Infinium, Silicon Graphics and other IT multinationals when they established their SA offices. He sold the company to a listed group concluding in 2000.

In 2001 Bryan established Cycan (Pty) Ltd, which today is a leading business and leadership transition and acceleration company. As Chief Commercial Officer for Cycan Pty Ltd, he is responsible for the commercial strategy and development of the company involving all activities relating to marketing, sales, product development and customer service to drive business growth and market share.

Bryan has a extensively active life beyond Cycan. He is an internationally accredited Meta Coach with 15 years of formal coaching experience. He focuses on assisting executives and high-potential leaders in achieving greater levels of purpose and meaning in and through what they do and who they are, in ultimately achieving greater levels of accomplishment and well-being.

As a professional speaker, Bryan has delivered numerous keynote and inspirational addresses on local and international platforms, including Paris, Dubai, Rome, London and Berlin.

For more info visit:

www.bryanhattingh.com and www.cycan.co.za

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