Analogies are useful because people can relate to them. They simplify things and cut to the chase like this one:

Life is like a camera. 

I think this would make a useful mantra for your team (or your family) at the start of a new year. I’ve expanded it to provide some conversation points. 

1. Focus on what is important: 

  • Keep the main thing the main thing
  • Align priorities
  • Get granular with tasks and responsibilities
  • Be clear about the timeline for deliverables
2. Capture the good times
  • Make sure you acknowledge milestones on the way to achieving a goal
  • Celebrate big wins and small wins
  • Encourage effort along the way
3. Develop from the negatives
  • There will always be challenges, twists and turns in the road
  • Learn and grow from them
  • As long as you do that, you can reframe them as ‘on your way, not in your way’
4. If things don’t work out, just take another shot
  • Sometimes things won’t pan out exactly as you planned
  • You may need to take the road less travelled or a detour
  • This may cost you, in time or money, but it might also land up being a better solution than the one you had planned
  • There is always collateral beauty in collateral damage — look for it to keep perspective
  • If something goes wrong, teach your team to be accountable and responsible for their part in it
  • Encourage them to be not just problem finders but solution seekers too

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Get back into the groove — my best piece of advice

My best piece of advice at this time of the year – bring back routine, for everyone! It will bring sanity to your business and your household.

May you have an awesome week as you get back into the groove of work. To those with school-going children, may they settle quickly.

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Nikki Bush
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