February is the month of love. In the name of love, please love yourself and each other enough to get your affairs in order. It’s the Valentine’s gift that will be the gift that keeps on giving as opposed to a meal that will be forgotten, or flowers that will wilt and die.

Peace of mind cannot be bought and I really urge you to gift yourself and your loved ones with a copy of my What If File™ Checklist to guide you. No-one wants to look their mortality in the face, I get it. But, are you prepared for when a what if moment strikes?

Whether it’s death, divorce, disease, incapacitation or an accident, knowing where relevant documents are and having your file up to date will be an enormous help, smoothing your journey when the world turns upside down.

It was so heart-warming to listen to a caller phone in on Radio 702 a couple of weeks ago when I was talking about this exact topic with Relebogile Mabotja. Cindy said this: “I heard Nikki’s first radio interview about the six minutes that changed her life with Azania Mosaka on Radio 702 a few months after she lost her husband. I immediately downloaded her What If File™ Checklist. My husband passed away six months ago and my broker said that he wished every one of his clients was as organised as me! Thank you Nikki.”

Don’t put it off. Make your What If File™ the number one item on your ‘to do list’. Do it once, really thoroughly, Then, check and update your What If File™ annually to make any additions or changes.

What to do for yourself NOW

  • Listen to the recent interview I did on the topic here.
  • Purchase and download the What If File Checklist here (for just R95).
  • Gather all your documents by putting some uninterrupted time aside:
    • It will take longer than you think.
  • Gather all your missing documents
    • If you are missing any documents such as unabridged marriage certificates for yourself, and vault copy birth certificates for your children (you will need them if they are still dependents), then start the process to get hold of them now, before you need them in an emergency.
Wishing you all a very happy Valentine’s Day.

Nikki Bush
Human Potential Expert