Shaped like an iPad or tablet, Magnatab from Kid O is nothing of the sort. This fascinating toy consists of a bead board (filled with little metal balls) and a magnetic stylus.  The stylus is your pen and the board is your paper.

Draw shapes, letters or  pictures with your stylus on the board and the individual beads will pop up to the surface. Erasing the picture is just as magical – just press down on the beads with your fingers, or swipe with the side of your hand, and they will disappear.

There is also a limited edition Glow-in-the-Dark Jumbo Magnatab – larger than the Free Play Magnatab, and it glows in the dark bringing a new dimension to drawing on the Magnatab.

Perfect for travel

Magnatabs are perfect to take along when travelling with children. They pack easily into a bag or in the pocket on the back of car, bus or aeroplane seats. The stylus fits tightly into its storage space and won’t easily fall out.

Even if you are popping out to a restaurant or just ferrying children to and fro on a daily basis, keep the Magnatab in your car and your kids will never be bored.

As an adult, give it a try too. You will be as fascinated as your child. There is nothing like doodling on a Magnatab to calm you down after a hectic day.

Great for writing practice

Doodling on a Magnatab is great practice for handwriting. Your child will hold the stylus in the same grip as they will hold a pen.  Magnatab comes in the following varieties if you want something letter or number specific, and they are highly recommended by occupational therapists and foundation phase teachers:

  • Magnatab lower case letters
  • Magnatab upper case letters
  • Magnatab cursive
  • Magnatab numbers

Magnatab from Kid O was reviewed by Nikki Bush for Toy Talk. It was selected for Nikki’s hot list of highly recommended games and toys for Toy Talk 2013.

Age category:              4 –  10 years

Price:                             Free Play approx.  R449.00

                                                     Glow-in-the-Dark Jumbo approx R569.00

                                                      Numbers & letters approx. R460.00

Brand:                           Kid O

Distributor:                  Sugardots

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