mothers-day-quote2You are more connected to your children than you think

You are lying in bed fast asleep and for some inexplicable reason you eyes fly open and you are on full alert. Your whole system is telling you that one of your children is either in trouble, needs assistance or is busy walking down the passage in middle of the night to your bedroom, and you are ready and waiting when they arrive.  And your partner/spouse is lying right next to you, dead to the world, completely oblivious!

Have you ever wondered about this phenomenon that seems to be the exclusive ‘gift’ that comes with the mother-child bond?  To be so connected to someone else on such a deep level, no matter how young or old they are, to instinctively ‘know’ that something is up?  And sometimes you don’t even have to be in the same room, house, town or even country!  To begin with, I thought mothers must be telepathic. Then I discovered the term ‘germ plasma’ in some of my research which alludes to this energetic connection we have with our offspring that we feel around our solar plexus – yes, that’s your ‘gut feel’!  And now some new scientific research has come to light that shows how we are even more connected to our children than we think – we have stem cells from each of our babies in our brains!

Neonatal paediatrican, Dr Howard Chilton’s blog from October 2014 says:

“The physical and emotional link between a mother and her child is about as close as a relationship can be. New research now shows the physical connection is even deeper than anyone previously thought.

Stem cells from the fetus have now been found in many areas of the mother’s brain, heart and other organs. These stem cells are ‘pluripotent’ that is, they can potentially be induced to form many different cells lines such as brain or cardiac tissue and help in regeneration.

Another study illustrated their potential. The heart of pregnant animals were damaged by blockage of a coronary artery, simulating a severe heart attack, though this was not lethal. Later after the animals delivered, the heart was examined. Stem cells from their fetus had migrated to the damaged mother’s heart and helped it repair itself.

These cells from each and every one of your children are there, in your brain and heart…. for life. And they will all still be there when you die.”  For the full blog and references, click here.

Okay moms, so now you understand just how close you really are to your kids, and why they can drive you nuts and you can love them unconditionally all at the same time.  Your children are part of your life’s journey on every level of your being. They come to teach us, challenge us, shape us and show us how to love both ourselves and others in so many different ways.

Mothers are the purest expression of love in the world. Wishing you much love and appreciation this Mother’s Day.  Allow yourself to be pampered and celebrated for who you are and what you bring to the world.