About the one thing you need to remember

This talk can be adapted for different grade from grades 4 – 9.

The one thing you need to rememberAs learners get older, their parents will be around less and less to help them make wise choices and decisions in difficult situations. This short presentation for learners is designed to introduce the importance of taking personal responsibility for their use of social media, cellphones and technology.

The concept of building and protecting their online reputation will also be introduced as this is crucial to their employment in the future. This is not just a presentation, it is an interactive session in which Nikki Bush lands the message in a very concrete way though group process work with beach balls, making thigh a highly memorable, multi-sensory session.

Nikki leaves learners with a short and memorable self-protection mantra which can easily form the basis for Life Orientation discussions and a framework for conversations with their parents: One mind, one body, one reputation.

These are the important things they must protect moving forward in order to be safe and savvy in a connected world.

Hi Nikki. I am a student at Parkview Senior School and I just wanna say I …REALLY LOVED YOUR PRESENTATION TODAY!!! THANKS ALOT! And one thing to remember: one body, one mind and one reputation!

JANE NDLOVU, Student at Parkview Senior School

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