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For Teachers

Brand Teacher©

Personal branding for teachers: no-one is ‘just a teacher’. An eye-opening staff development workshop for pre-, primary and high school educators as well as admin staff and an hilarious team building experience all in one.
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Evolution of learning

The Evolution of Learning©

If the acquisition of information is no longer the primary goal of education, then the teacher’s role must be redefined.
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Raising Young Talent for the New World of Work©

Spending too much time trying to smooth the path for our children has become counter-productive and we should rather prepare our children for a fast-changing path.
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Future-Proof Your Child®

What you need to know about tomorrow today, why you need to know it and what you need to do to prepare today’s children for a fast-changing world? Explore the X-factors for success in the new world of work and how to develop them in your children. Talk for pre- and primary school parents.
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Get outta your head!©

In the high-performance business environment sometimes we need to get out of our heads in order to really connect with each other as human beings and for ideas to flow. Play, connect, relate in this fun, play-based team-building workshop.
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For Parents


Parenting on the Run®

A poignant, fun and interactive workshop to help pre- and primary school parents with work-life balance. Discover how to stay connected to your children despite your busyness through the art of being truly present.
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Tech-Savvy Parenting©

Tech, screens and connectivity dominate children’s lives today. Parents need to become tech-savvy so that their children become responsible digital citizens one day. For parents of toddlers through to teens.
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Let go and let grow!

Letting go and letting grow are both essential to loving and parenting your children to enable them to survive and thrive independently of you in a fast-changing world. Suitable for parents of preschool and primary school.
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Future-Proof Your Child®

What you need to know about tomorrow today, why you need to know it and what you need to do to prepare today’s children for a fast-changing world? Explore the X-factors for success in the new world of work and how to develop them in your children. Talk for pre- and primary school parents.
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Children Living in the Red Zone©

What’s stressing our children? Who is responsible and what can we do about it? Talk for pre- and primary school parents.
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What the Beepp?®

What the BEEPP? Is tech toxic for your tots? The BEEPP test for checking if you are over-using tech/on-screen devices with your tots

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  • I attended your Parenting on the Run course – probably about 10 years ago.  I just want to let you know that I so enjoy your newsletters, articles and parenting advice. As a mom of 4, there is always something I learn and something I can identify within our family.Thank you for the sanity and ‘calm’ you add to our exciting parenting journey.

    Donvae Hooker Dandylion Green Business Solutions
  • I am in awe!!! Your talk last night: Parenting on the Run at Henley Business School was not only fun and encouraging and informative and empowering - I was blessed and motivated... When I shared last night's experience with my manager this morning she mentioned that you must be my inspiration. May God bless you for the work you do as you strive to equip the warriors on how to handle; prepare and launch their arrows - "Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord...Like arrows in the hand of a warrior" You are an inspiration!!!

    Thandeka Langa (23 February 2017)
  • My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the Parenting on the Run workshop you gave at our daughter’s school, Our Lady of Fatima, in Durban last week. Your energy and empathy (sharing your own life experiences) so resonated with us.

    Rayven Moodley
  • “When you came over to Rustenburg we played games with cards and had so much fun. Thank you for opening my eyes to being light hearted and making an opportunity to laugh and play.”

    Thembeni Hlaleli
  • Dear Nikki Just to let you know (again :)) how much I enjoy reading your newsletters. They are always informative and thought-provoking! I wish I had your job, I would love to speak publicly to people (especially to kids) like you do, about topics such as this and encourage them to personal growth. Yes, in my next life I definitely want to be you!!

    Carole Eedes
  • Hi Nikki. I am a student at Parkview Senior School and I just wanna say I …REALLY LOVED YOUR PRESENTATION TODAY!!! THANKS ALOT! And one thing to remember: one body, one mind and one reputation!

    Jane Ndlovu Student at Parkview Senior School
  • You were absolutely spot on with your Evolution of Learning presentation at our Western Cape SAPA Conference. It was so relevant to where our educators are at and was put together in such an accessible way. Thank you.

    Alta van Heerden Immediate Past President of SAPA
  • "I attended your parenting on the run workshop when my daughter Holly was about 18months old and it was hugely beneficial. I attended the same workshop last weekend for the Crossroads School Fundraising breakfast, and it was really fantastic to have a reminder of the importance of play. I had slipped a bit into relying on the TV to entertain my daughter in the afternoons after work, however since attending your workshop on Monday I have been instituting periods of play time together. A few things that I have noticed in the few days since your workshop:"The joy on Holly’s face when we play together The way she verbalises what we are doing (e.g. she says “we are playing togethermummy!”) (this reminds me of the poem you read at the end of your workshop – “come mummy, play WITH me”) The way she is able to spend another 10 – 15 mins playing alone once her “emotional cup” has been filled by playing together How easy it actually is to let an almost three year old help you in the kitchen (a blunt knife and a piece of cucumber goes a long way!!) and how proud and included she feels at being allowed to participateThank you so much for your workshops, I feel incredibly enriched and grateful for the changes I am already seeing in my family.

    Maya Stephens
  • We were privileged to have you address the Transaction Capital Women’s Forum on the 29th of May 2013. Your “Parenting on the run” workshop was extremely well received by the attending women, many of whom provided positive feedback and felt that they had gained useful insight into how they might spend guilt free quality time with their kids. I believe they benefited from knowing that they are not alone and others experience similar feelings. They walked away with some practical tools and feeling encouraged that they can succeed at being great mothers. Personally I have been reminded again to give my teenage daughters my full attention during the time we have together and to manage the boundaries between work and family time carefully. Thank you for your entertaining and enriching contribution to our women’s group.

    Lulu de Beer MBD Credit Solutions, Managing Executive: Business Solutions Unit
  • "We had a great Get Outta Your Head workshop with Nikki Bush. We had a host of ladies who joined at the Women in IT networking event and they had a blast. It was a great session, definitely a go to event. If you want to see your staff making noise, connecting and having fun, Get Outta Your Head is definitely for you and your team."

    Nonceba Rasmeni Women in IT
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